Serving flavor

Shanya Rodriguez of 2DoughBoyz serving fresh flavor outside the Gansevoort Market on West 14th Street. Photo: Charmaine P. Rice
2 Dough Boyz's cookie dough pays homage to 90s hip-hop

Perched in front of Gansevoort Market is a brand new street cart with an old-school boom box. Passers-by can stop, sample, savor and, perhaps, spring for a scoop (or two) of “edible cookie dough on-tha-go.”

2 Dough Boyz launched at Gansevoort Market on August 15 and is the brainchild of former hip-hop music executive Matt Maroone. “I worked with quite a lot of artists. I wanted to [create a brand] that was fun, that had an attitude, that had its own voice. A lot of brands nowadays are not fun and they're scared to talk trash,” Maroone explained. “I thought it would be fun to have a brand that has that New York, hip-hop vibe and not afraid to talk trash.”

The fledgling brand leverages social media to get the word out, with an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Each flavor is represented with a faux album cover and named after iconic hip-hop songs. Serving sizes align with famous rappers — “Lil' Wayne,” is the smallest size, followed by “Fat Joe” as the medium size, and “Big Pun” as the largest serving. The brand's theme song is composed by a local rapper, with more songs in the pipeline.

Two team members serve on the operations and customer service side. During the interview process, Maroone asks potential team members what their top five albums are. “We're really lucky to have team members that are excited about the brand,” Maroone said.

Maroone and his wife, who is the executive chef, make every batch from scratch daily in Gansevoort Market's commercial kitchen. Pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour are key ingredients in every batch. The dough has a shelf life of three weeks when refrigerated and for those who love cookies, popping the dough in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees will ensure further scrumptious snacking.

“There was a need that hadn't been met and the challenge now is keeping up with demand,” said Maroone, who also noted that the brand is now offering on-demand delivery service via Postmates.

The seasonal menu currently features four flavors: “Chocolate Chip Hop Hooray,” “Confetti to Die,” “The World is S'Mores” and “Nuttin' Butter G Thang.”

Cue the beats and enjoy the treats in front of Gansevoort Market.