Crime Watch


Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend

A 28-year-old man was arrested on assault charges following an argument with his girlfriend that turned violent, police said. The man, whose name was not released, was in front of 435 West 31st Street Friday, November 24, when he punched the woman, according to the police account. The victim told police that she and the suspect were arguing inside their apartment before he assaulted her. The victim refused medical attention at the scene.

Phone stolen from Rebar

A 50-year-old man reported that his phone was stolen while he was at Rebar inside 225 West 19th Street Saturday, November 25, around 2 a.m. He told police that he put his phone down on the coat check counter and when he went to retrieve it, the phone was missing.

trespassing ARRESTS

Police arrested a 50-year-old man for trespassing inside the Chelsea Houses at 415 West 25th Street Friday, November 24, at 9:30 a.m. Police said that while walking through the building, they found the man inside and he had no permission to be there. He allegedly told the officers, “I’m waiting to cop crack but I didn’t get it yet.” When he was searched, he was reportedly in possession of a red wrist wallet containing a crack pipe and a bag of alleged marijuana.

On the following Sunday, police arrested another man for trespassing inside Chelsea Houses at 420 West 26th Street at 11:18 a.m. Police said the man, 47, was seen on the 11th floor of the NYCHA building without permission to be there and when he was searched, police said that he was holding a crack pipe with residue in his hand.

Phone stolen from Chelsea church

A 37-year-old woman reported that her phone was stolen while she was inside the Metropolitan Community Church of New York at 446 West 36th Street Sunday, November 26, around noon. She told police she was at the desk inside the church and turned around for a minute, and when she went back, her phone was missing.

Guard harassed at construction site

A 46-year-old security guard reported that he was harassed while he was working in front of a construction site for Marriott at 461 West 34th Street Wednesday, November 22, at 4:45 p.m. The guard told police that two men came up to him and asked if they could retrieve some of their property. He said that one of the men became irate and verbally threatened him, causing him to feel alarmed. He told police that he thinks the men work at the location and they fled on foot.