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Woman punched trying to break up quarrel

A 32-year-old woman was assaulted when she attempted to break up an argument at the northeast corner of Eighth Avenue and West 15th Street Thursday, May 18, at 8:50 p.m. The victim told police that she saw a man and a woman arguing across the street. She crossed the street to try to put a halt to the argument, during which the man was apparently hitting the woman. The man, though, hit the would-be Samaritan in the face.

Persistent shoplifter arrested

Police arrested a 29-year-old man for shoplifting in the Rite Aid at 282 Eighth Ave. Saturday, May 20, around 7 p.m. An employee told police that the suspect went into the store and filled a shopping bag full of merchandise before trying to leave without paying. The employee was able to retrieve the bag from the suspect but the suspect ultimately got away, although police said that he returned 20 minutes later and attempted to fill another bag with merchandise and leave without paying. He was arrested after the second failed attempt. Police said that the items, which included sunglasses and an activity monitor, were valued at $343.

Truck stolen on West 28th

A 54-year-old man reported that his truck had been stolen while he was making a delivery at 340 West 28th St. Saturday, May 20, between 10:40 and 11 a.m. He told police he parked the truck on West 28th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, unlocked with the keys in the ignition, to make a delivery at the location. Police said a license plate reader put the truck outbound on the Willis Avenue Bridge at 11:52 a.m. The driver told police that his wallet and cell phone were in the truck, as well as 60 boxes of medical supplies.

Car break-ins

A man reported that his car was broken into in front of 256 West 19th Street last weekend. He told police that he parked the car on West 19th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues Friday, May 19, at 8 p.m. and went back to the car on Saturday at 9 a.m. to get something. When he got back into the car, he noticed that there were muddy footprints on the floor and his iPhone had been stolen.

And a 31-year-old man reported that his car was broken into while it was parked in front of 250 West 18th St. Saturday between 2 and 6 a.m. He told police that he parked the car on West 18th Street, also between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, at 2 a.m. and when he returned at 6 a.m., the back passenger side window was broken and his iPhone, sunglasses, keys and bag had been stolen.

Doorman harassed A doorman at 177 Ninth Ave. reported that a man harassed him outside the building where he works shortly after midnight on Thursday, May 18. He told police that the unknown man threatened him, saying, “I’m going to f—k you up, you Uncle Tom.” The victim said that the suspect was verbally abusive and had entered the building forcefully even though he doesn’t live there and had also reportedly told the suspect not to urinate in front of the building, which he had seen the suspect do previously.

Bag stolen on 7 train

A 41-year-old old woman reported that her bag had been stolen after she fell asleep on the subway. She told police that she boarded the train in Queens and fell asleep, and when she awoke at Hudson Yards in the early morning of Friday, May 19, her bag was gone. She said that she had the bag between her feet and hadn’t felt anyone take it. She told police that her bag contained her cell phone, $300 in cash, her wallet, an Arby’s card entitling her to free food and a flash drive.

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