Crime watch

| 25 Sep 2018 | 10:54


FIT student sexually harassedA 19-year-old FIT student reported to police that a man she had met in her West 31st Street dorm had begun to harass her. The man had called her to meet up, but began to act strangely, she said. She said that starting August 28 through September 21 the man then started calling from random numbers and when she responded that he had the wrong number, he texted that he was going to post her number on prostitution sites. She told police that she has also been getting texts from random numbers that she expects are from the same man, in which he sent explicit pictures and asked for sex, according to the police account. The victim said that she has blocked the man but he continues to call her from random numbers.

Woman ALLEGES HARASSMENT BY management company A 50-year-old resident of 635 West 42nd St. told police that she has been harassed by her building’s management company since August 30. She told police that she is currently in a lawsuit with the management company and someone working for the company reportedly said to her, “You’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. There’s cameras in the building. I’m watching you.” The victim said that the statements caused her annoyance and alarm.

Man punched in ChelseaA 28-year-old man reported that he was assaulted at the southwest corner of Ninth Avenue and West 28th Street on Saturday, September 22 at 7 p.m. He told police that he got into an argument with another man, who ultimately punched him in the face and kicked him. The victim was treated at St. Luke’s Roosevelt for cuts. No further information was available about why the argument started but police said that the suspect and the victim didn’t know each other.

Bike stolen from Ninth and West 22ndA 38-year-old woman reported last Saturday, September 22 that her bike was stolen after she locked it up near the corner of Ninth Avenue and West 22nd Street. The victim told police that she locked the bike to a street sign around 4:10 p.m. that afternoon and when she returned at 5:30 p.m., the bike had been stolen.

Fight at beauty schoolA 23-year-old woman reported that she was harassed in front of 226 West 26th St. on Friday, September 21 at 5 p.m. She told police that four classmates of hers from the school purposely alarmed and annoyed the victim while she was leaving, reportedly blocking her at the front door to prevent her from leaving. The victim said that one of the suspects told her they wouldn’t let her leave and that “the president of the school can’t do anything about it” because they weren’t on school property. The victim said that the suspect then pushed her, causing an injury, and the four left before police arrived. Police said that the victim has had previous altercations with the same four people.