Re: Ask Margaret: how do I get an illegal business evicted from a rent-stabilized apartment?

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:06

    Margaret, your answer is so Bill De Blasio I can't believe it. Assuming the rent stabilized tenant's non-conforming use is actually unknown to the landlord, wouldn't it be fair for the landlord to be able to earn a proper return on the apartment, rather than subsidizing another undeserving rent stabilized tenant? If he could earn a market rate rental, he might have enough cash to upgrade the building ? or at least to improve trash pickup, if that is what is bothering you. Although it is no doubt politically incorrect to bring this up, "rent stabilization" is just another form of welfare, with the landlord involuntarily picking up the tab. And don't ask me about rent control!!

    - Robert Myers, Upper East Side