Building Service Workers Award Honoree Anthony Conlon: Managing Luxury Living at Brooklyn Point

Anthony Conlon, Super of the Year (Resident Manager) in Downtown Brooklyn, has seen his career climb to new heights

| 17 Oct 2022 | 02:11

Like the soaring residential tower he manages in Brooklyn, Anthony Conlon’s career has steadily climbed to new heights over the years, starting as a young boy helping his father with chores maintaining buildings, to overseeing the daily operations of some of New York City’s most exclusive properties.

“My dad was in the industry, that’s how I got involved,” Conlon said of his current role of Resident Manager – “logistically, the Superintendent” – at Brooklyn Point, the new luxury 68-story condominium tower.

His father worked in schools, “what they called a ‘fireman’ – the guys who shoveled coal into the boilers in the public school system,” before they switched to oil heating. “In the summertime, he would bring me in, and I would clean – paint stairwells, scrub floors, clean desks,” he said.

Growing up in Astoria, Queens, the second youngest of seven children, where both his parents worked hard to give them all a private Catholic education, they were expected to pitch in and help with chores when needed, including helping their father in his evening job as a part-time superintendent.

“I loved it,” Conlon shared. So much so that he made a career of it. Following his father’s footsteps, he joined the union after high school, becoming a cleaner at the same school where his father worked for years on the Upper East Side. He subsequently took advantage of the many classes the union offered at nights, getting certifications in HVAC systems, boiler operations, electric work – everything he would need to eventually become a superintendent, then manager, of residential buildings.

“The level of luxury elevates as time goes on,” Conlon said of his move from properties in Manhattan to initially Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then Brooklyn Point. “Every new property I would take over, could be seen as a promotion.”

Walking through Brooklyn Point is like stepping into the pages of an architectural magazine’s “sky-high living” edition. Developed by Extell Development Company, the 720-foot-tall tower opened in July 2020, then the tallest building in Brooklyn.

Conlon is kept busy, on call 24/7, managing the building’s staff and vendors, ensuring the safety and comfort of residents.

Close to family, he says he spends as much time with them as he can. He lives in the building with his wife and three children, a son and a daughter who are in college and a 16-year-old son.

When he gets some free time, he likes to take to the open road on his Harley-Davidson, enjoying the peace of riding.

“The level of luxury elevates as time goes on ... Every new property I would take over, could be seen as a promotion.” Anthony Conlon, Super of the Year (Resident Manager)