8th Ave L Among Stations that Scored Deep Clean Under New MTA Program

Eighth Ave. stop in Chelsea was among 20 city stations that received a new “deep clean” as part of a new MTA push.

| 21 Mar 2023 | 04:33

The L train stop at the end of the line on Eighth Ave. was one of the 20 stations that the MTA picked for a deep clean and station repair as part of New York City Transit’s Station ‘Re-NEW-vation Program,’

The stations saw major customer-facing improvements, including concrete repairs and tiles replaced along the station walls. The stations were also completely deep-cleaned, including tracks, platforms and stairs and concrete and tiles were repaired along station walls.

The MTA said it did the station work while the line was shut down on weekends over the past several weeks while the L line was closed for weekend track work.

“All the pieces matter when you talk about delivering the best possible service for customers,” said New York City Transit Senior VP of Subways, Demetrius Crichlow.

“Normally when we talk about state of good repair, we are referring to the rails, but this program focuses on the station environment,” Crichlow continued. “NYC Transit crews have worked hard during these outages to completely renovate these stations, from repaving a broken piece of concrete at the top of the staircase down to installing new tile along the station walls.”

Other Manhattan stations that have been refurbished include Delancey/Essex and Canal Street on the J line, as well as Canal Street on the R/W line. The MTA aims to complete a total of 50 stations by end of year across the five boroughs.

“Customers are returning to stations that feel new, hopefully inspiring some neighborhood pride, and making their commute more enjoyable,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey.