Assault on Sixth

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:01

    A man was arrested after harassing and assaulting two women on Sixth Avenue. At 6:40 PM on Thursday, August 29, a 17-year-old woman was walking with her friend northbound on Sixth Avenue at the corner of Grand Street, when an unknown 19-year-old man began to harass her. She kept walking as the man followed and cursed at her. The man then picked up a metal garbage can and threw it at her, causing a laceration to the back of her head, resulting in her needing multiple stitches. A 26-year-old woman heard the commotion and, when authorities arrived, told them that just moments prior while walking northbound on Sixth Avenue, the same man had "grabbed her ass," and then thrown a glass bottle at her. Fortunately, he missed, and she was not injured. Two male witnesses followed the man westbound on Canal Street until police arrived. The perpetrator was identified by the 17-year-old's friend, then arrested and charged with assault.