Back to School, Not Just For Kids

| 17 Feb 2015 | 05:09

In New York, the options for learning are endless, even after you've aged out of traditional schools. For those who want to change careers or bolster their resumes without undertaking a full-time degree program, the city's many prestigious universities offer an array of options. Often, these adult education offerings reflect the changing job market and provide skills to stay competitive. To that end, we've highlighted some of the newest courses from top schools' continuing education programs. ------

Columbia University School of Continuing Education

Morningside Heights Campus, 203 Lewisohn Hall, MC 4119, 2970


Applied Analytics Seminar

The business world is more complex than ever before-this course will teach one how to make efficient business decisions by utilizing data. Using interactive studies, this course focuses on many different aspects of business such as technology, leadership and managerial skills. The course is taught by Filippo Passerini, a Columbia University Executive and 33-year veteran of Procter & Gamble.

Environment, Peace and Security Executive Seminar

This fall, Columbia University will be offering a 5-day intensive seminar on the environment, peace and security. This course will teach business owners how to overcome challenges that may arise due to the changing environment. After this course, students will be well versed in skills such as assessing conflict, applying conflict analysis, communicating in conflict settings, developing project planning approaches to mitigate risks and staying ahead of the knowledge curve.

Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies

Lincoln Center Campus, 113 W. 60th Street


Digital and Social Media Professional Certificate Program

These continuing education courses will teach students how to further their business through digital technology. Within this subject, students can pick from a number of more specific topics they would like to focus on, such as Social Media Marketing, Cybersecurity and Search Engine Marketing. Courses take place in the evening and on Saturdays, and are a total of 12 hours. Classes are designed for peoples of all ages in the business world.

New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies

7 East 12th Street


A Culinary Tour of Hell's Kitchen

This off-campus course allows students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with one of Manhattan's great culinary neighborhoods. The course is designed as an eating and walking tour of Hell's Kitchen, and is lead by Liz Young who is the owner of Culinary and City Tours.

English to Spanish Pharmacology and Pharmacy Translation

This 10 session online course focuses on translating specific phrases one might encounter in the pharmacy world. Students will learn and practice by translating documents and studying distinctive terminology. By the end, students will have built a glossary for future reference.

Doing Business in China, India and Other Emerging Markets

This course will teach students the fundamental tools that are needed to operate small businesses in China, India and other countries with emerging markets. By analyzing opportunities in a number of different fields, students will leave the course feeling prepared to expand business ideas to abroad markets.

NYU has a number of other new courses for this fall, all of which can be found on their School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

City University of New York School of Professional Studies

119 W. 31st Street


Urban and Community Studies

CUNY will now be offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban and Community Studies. This course is designed to help students advance their careers in public service and social advocacy by exploring "urban problems, public policy and the delivery of human service to diverse urban populations." Students will leave this course with a better understanding of both the problems and opportunities that may arise from living in a city by studying city dynamics in an economical, political and social context.

Online B.S. in Nursing

CUNY has started to accept applications for their online Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing for the spring of 2014. This program will offer already registered nurses the opportunity to advance their career by expanding their knowledge in specific fields. By helping one develop and demonstrate competency in areas such as health assessment, nursing research, care of culturally diverse people, and many other topics, nurses will be enables to excel in moving up to leadership positions or obtain positions in long-term care facilities.