Chelsea Resident Makes the Guinness Book of World Records

| 05 Jan 2022 | 03:59

The new year started off with a happy surprise for Brian Spellen, a resident of Chelsea. Spellen was thrilled to learn on Monday that he had entered the Guinness Book of World Records - for the most three-point basketball shots made blindfolded. As the Guinness Book entry states:

“The most blindfolded basketball three pointers in one minute is 10, and was achieved by Brian Spellen (USA) in New York, New York, USA, on 28 September 2021.

“Brian is a lifelong basketball fan with a love of shooting baskets. Aside from wanting an ‘amazing experience,’ he decided to attempt this record to prove to his children that anything is possible.”

Spellen achieved his victory at the Chelsea Piers field house. He told the Chelsea News that “my goal is to let people know anything is possible and through this pandemic if we all stay positive and work together our life goals can manifest into reality.”

He added: “As a basketball lover this experience was a profound moment for me. And one of my greatest achievements. The experience had individuals in the gym facility asking why I’m shooting with a blindfold, which was pretty amusing. I’m thankful for my wife supporting me and giving me the encouragement to complete this record, also with assisting passing me the basketballs. I would also like to thank Chelsea Piers field house for allowing me to use their facility and providing me with the equipment needed to achieve this goal.”