Controversial Jewish home center receives $2.5 million grant

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:05

    Despite opposition and concerns from the community, the Jewish Home Lifecare Center, a new 20-story nursing home development slated to be built on West 97th Street starting in 2014, has received a $2.5 million dollar grant from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

    "The Weinberg Foundation is thrilled to be supporting a care model that can improve the quality of life of older adults in New York City and, equally important, can be replicated in large urban settings across the United States," said Ellen M Heller, the chair of the foundation in a statement.

    The foundation is no stranger to Jewish Home Lifecare, having funded a few of its projects in the past in Westchester and the Bronx.

    In addition to the one large grant, JHL also has secured about $900,000 in donations from private funders, and is on its way to funding the project.

    The $278 million project has raised concerns from neighbors about construction noise, increased traffic flow and community disruption.

    "We really want to make sure were a good neighbor," said Bruce Nathanson, a representative from Jewish Home Lifecare. "We want to make sure we build it in the safest and least disruptive way possible. We want to hear their concerns and address them appropriately."

    Currently, the project has a foundation permit, a permit from the NYC Department of Planning and a certificate of need.