Council Member Erik Bottcher Unveils New Homeless Services Program

Part of a $100,000 disbursement going from City Council to each of its members

| 09 Mar 2023 | 10:48

Council member Erik Bottcher has unveiled a new initiative to create a community outreach liaison position, intended to improve relations between homeless service providers and local residents.

Speaker Adrienne Adams recently funded a new initiative allocating $100,000 to city council districts to fund community safety and victim services programs; Bottcher’s office chose to use those funds towards Urban Pathways, a homeless services agency.

The liaison will coordinate with various outreach and social service providers and local elected officials within Council District 3. He or she will also reach out to residents via community board, block association, and tenant meetings. The intention is to open lines of communication and strengthen relationships with the community.

“For years, I’ve been frustrated by a lack of coordination among the homeless service providers that work within our district,” says Bottcher. “There’s also an opportunity to increase the level of community engagement that these organizations are able to provide.”

“By serving as a link between service providers and local community members, we’ll be able to better ensure that New Yorkers experiencing homelessness in our district get connected to the services that they need and deserve.”