Fixing Potholes By Calling Them In

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:04


The Department of Transportation, which is responsible for repairing potholes, can only address those that are reported through calls to 311

By Roseanne Levitt

Soho There are "twin potholes" in the crossing between the southeast and southwest corners of Sullivan and Prince Streets in SoHo.

According to an article on pothole repair in the April 2014 Public Employee Press published by DC37 AFL-CIO, under the Bloomberg administration DOT (Department of Transportation) crews are limited to filling in holes called into 311. Local 983 President, Joe Puleo, states they no longer have discretion to fill in holes they encounter along the way. The article states that as of mid-March, DOT has filled in about 180,000 potholes, a record number.