Fixing the Gridlock

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:05

Op Ed

Last week we wrote about the sudden influx of food vendors outside the Met Museum; one reader offers some solutions

By Dom Minasi

Upper East Side It seems simple enough - first, allow only the owner of license to work his/her legitimate cart; no subletting. And city must enforce the number of carts allowed on city property. Surely the Museum has the right to keep their stairway and adjoining sidewalk clear and free from potential hazards. The fact that the Met is "The Metropolitan Museum of Art" should grant them the right to keep their property artfully attractive and clearly open for all to see, not just a 12 foot tall giant who can peer over the hodgepodge of intrusive vendor stands!

If there is no law keeping the number of vendors to a minimum, then make one, and include variety - no more than one of each product. Surely our city has enough sidewalk space for everyone to make a living. But use common sense, and leave our city's precious and all-too-rare beauty open for us all to enjoy.

In the meantime, a boycott of these vendors would make them move faster than the law!