In Awe of a Dedicated Teacher

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:02

    Re "12,000 Classes, One Absence" (March 6, 2014), about a music teacher on the Upper East Side with an unparalleled dedication to her students:

    "I always knew she was a great teacher. She was always patient and encouraging with my little one. When my kid was 4, she taught her how to write music and play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I can't even make her sit still, yet Nancy was able to teach her the whole lesson. And she actually came home and played it from the beginning to the end! My kid is now 14 and in a special high school for arts & music, thanks to her." Renee Baker

    "Incredible dedication! Very inspiring. Especially these days, when most teachers care more about their paid vacations, and to hear a story like this, is beyond amazing! She single handedly regained my faith in the teaching profession. We need more teachers like her." Jane Taylor

    "This is remarkable! I've known Nancy for many many years and always knew that she is very loving and compassionate! She's a very gifted and talented music teacher and I believe that this special achievement truly comes from within. She loves what she does and she loves to see children learn music; she's passionate, she's extremely patient and most of all, it's simply because she cares wholeheartedly! Congratulations Nancy! We should all model after you and your spirit!" Angela

    "I rarely hear a story like this in my everyday life...A freelancer who ALWAYS shows up for work? This woman must really love what she does!" Dana Yetugal

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