Letter: Local Kid - Say No to Bike Lanes!

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:06

A young reader argues against the Columbus Avenue bike lane

By Noa Zapin, age 8 1/2, West 76th Street

Upper West Side Take away the bike lanes. They are not safe and you could get seriously hurt by bikes if they use them.

First, it affects people. It also affects the bikes so it does not help anyone. It also affects the cars. You should take the bike lanes away.

Bike lanes affect people in many ways.

First, it is unsafe because we can't get in and out of cabs because of the bike lane. Second, it cannot be plowed and it gets very snowy and icy. Last, the bikes can hit you when you are getting out of cars or walking across the street. The bikes do not have a light and they can hit you. It is not safe to walk near a bike lane.

Bike lanes also affect bikes in many ways, most of them are not good. First, the lane is almost always empty so what is the point of having it. Second, it only goes down Columbus which is not very far. Last, trucks are always parked in it so bikes can't even bike in it. Bike lanes are not useful to bikes.

Bike lanes are not useful to cars either. First, it took away many parking spots. Second, it makes more traffic for the people who want to drive. Last, it confuses cars who may turn into bike lanes. Trucks and cars get tickets for being parked in a bike lane.

The bike lines are bad for you and your community. If we did not have the bike lines we would have more parking spots for drivers and it would be safer for pedestrians. Bike lanes are unsafe because people can get hit because bikes often do not follow the lights when they are supposed to stop. Take away the bike lanes or you could get hurt.