LETTER: Memories of Southbridge

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:14

A reader whose parents used to live in Southbridge Towers is now priced out of the area

A comment from the web on our story "Downtown Tower Residents at a Crossroads," August 7, 2014, about a potential privatization of Southbridge Towers in the Financial District:

My parents and I were one of the earliest residents of Southbridge when it was still only a small ad in the newspaper. Many people ignored it, thinking who the hell wants to live opposite the Fulton Fish Market and near Wall Street. Little did they know that this area would be developed to what it is today.

I bought my parents a one-bedroom with terrace at 333 Pearl Street and bought myself a studio at 66 Frankfort Street. We both had many good years living there. I had to give up my studio as I moved to Asia where I am still living. Dad died and Mom continued to have several more good years until that sad day of 9/11. Her apartment faced the WTC and she was on her terrace witnessing the series of events that followed. She kept her shades down and was never the same woman and mother that raised me.

Mom died two years ago at 95 years old in her apartment, which due to the unfair rules of not allowing succession I had to give it up. It should be noted that the current management team are one of the rudest group of people I have ever dealt with. When my mother became ill with dementia I gave up my career, moved in with her and gave her a quality life for close to four years. Did they care when I asked them if I could take over her apartment and pay the surcharge whatever it would be...not a chance. I was handed a piece of paper and given the time frame to clean it up and give it up.

I am now a 65-year-old man and cannot afford to live in NYC or return to Southbridge where I spent the best years of my life.