Letter to the Editor

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:02

    Say No to Parent-Supplied School Supplies

    In response to our story "Shelling Out for School Supplies," West Side Spirit, September 26:

    The answer to this absurdity is no. Simply no. Enough is enough - literally, this cost is unbearable to so many families and it does not make any sense financially either. If a school is going to go through the effort of asking for these contributions, then they should appoint someone (and ask for parent volunteers to drive and drop) to get a Costco membership and order all these supplies in BULK and then divide the costs among parents. It only makes sense to do this type of shopping collectively, as a community, not separately at costs that working parents cannot afford. Private schools do this as well, and it's not only shameful, but not even intelligent when all of it can be purchased in bulk.

    U. Milan

    West 87th Street