Letter to the Editor

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:05

    Re: "Verdi Square Quality of Life Issues Raise a Red Flag"

    To The Editor:

    The problems of Verdi Square are not about a red flag but whose flag. Are the problems there under the control of the New York City Parks Department, The MTA or the NYPD? Those who use the park or the subway entrance will notice many things besides the homeless. There is a newspaper vendor unaffiliated with the licensed News stand Vendors. There is a NY Parks Department licensed vendor running generators and disposing their trash in the general use receptacles. There are street performers either on Parks department or MTA property. There is a street access subway entrance that has been left opened and unattended more than once in the past six months.

    It seems that if regular enforcement of existing rules were in place then we would not have to revert to the Needle Park days when community policing was impossible due to staffing and budget constraints. This is not the only West side park with "issues".

    Enforcement works. So does knowing who is in the park and what can be done to help them.


    John C. Jeannopoulos

    Amsterdam Ave.