Letters To The Editor

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:04

    Thanks for your story on our new community board leader. The biggest issue for residents that not one person has mentioned is the trash/litter problem on the West Side.

    There are many simple solutions to this problem that are not being implemented. This is much easier to solve than finding affordable housing.

    As a new resident, I find this situation appalling and can't understand how people put up with it.


    Donna Brent

    W. 92nd Street

    Dear Editor,

    Kudos for running your page 1 interview (10/31 issue) with new Community Board 7 chairperson Elizabeth Caputo. Through the assistance of CB7 member Shelly Fine, we were delighted to host Ms. Caputo at our JASA Club 76 Senior Center on Friday, October 25th. We are happy that she saw our "home away from home" for seniors, who comprise a significant percentage of the Uppers West Side population.

    Stu Lahn

    President, Friends of Club 76

    W. 58th Street