Lively Still Lifes

| 17 Feb 2015 | 12:59

Daniele Marin's various techniques combine at Noho Gallery in Chelsea

At NOHO gallery, Daniele M. Marin is showing her new series of still-lifes entitled "Interaction".  Marin examines her association with this medium and explores various eras of art history. Indeed, there appears to be references to James Ensor and traditional still-life along with more contemporary art.  Re-contextualizing the form by juxtaposing images gives a fresh approach to the works.  Marin calls these works "Still Life Painting Installation" as she considers the gallery walls themselves to be part of her art.  Instead of traditional hanging, the paintings are grouped together as "Interactions", where they appear to have "conversations" with each other and the viewer.   Through Marin's use of a variety of techniques, the viewer's eye travels among the canvases as different shapes begin to transform in their narratives. A bottle can lead to a lampshade. An opaque vase is fleshed out to almost blur into the background.  Some of these pieces border on Abstract Expressionism

These paintings are deceptively complex and layered.  There is no way to receive all of the information at first look. There is a depth to these works that is spellbinding.  Images one might pass by at first glance become dominant upon further viewing.

Born in Paris, but living in America, Marin studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (where she received her MFA).  One can sense the European roots meet American sensibilities.  Utilizing a universal form such as the still-life, Marin creates her own unique language. Within that structure her works contain elements of both balance and mystery.

Daniele Marin's "Interaction" at Noho Gallery 530 West 25th Street through February 1.