An Election by the Numbers

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:15

Now that the dust has settled on a contentious Democratic primary campaign for the 76th district Upper East Side assembly seat, we took a look at how the votes break down. Rebecca Seawright won the election and will now run against Republican David Garland in the general election. Gus Christensen came in a very close second, by number of votes (he only lost by 503 votes, according to the preliminary totals from the Board of Elections), though he won only about a third of the 91 election districts. Below are a few other statistics from the race.

41,615 - Number of registered active Democrats in 76th district

6,945 - Number of voters in Democratic primary in 76th district

16.6% - Percentage of active Democratic voters who voted

27 - Number of election districts won by Gus Christensen 63 - Number of election districts won by Rebecca Seawright

(One district tied)

$114.47 - Dollar amount per vote that Gus Christensen's campaign spent between November 5, 2013 and August 25, 2014. By comparison, Michael Bloomberg spent about $183 per vote to win his third term as mayor of New York. Who Won the Districts We looked at the unofficial vote tallies, broken down by election district, to see who won in each. Rebecca Seawright took about two-thirds of the districts, with Gus Christensen taking the rest. One district was tied between the two of them, but neither David Menegon nor Ed Hartzog were able to pull enough votes in a single voting district to win any of them.

Candidate Percent (by Candidate)

Votes (by Candidate)

Gus Christensen

35.95 %


David J. Menegon

9.60 %


Rebecca A. Seawright

43.20 %


Ed A. Hartzog

6.51 %



3.76 %



0.52 %



0.46 %


Total Votes