Luther Gulick Park gets $2.5m in state grants

| 17 Feb 2015 | 12:59

    Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver announced that $2.5 million in state grants were secured to fund major improvements at Luther Gulick Park on the Lower East Side.

    The grant will pay for the construction of pathways, sidewalks, lighting, bicycle parking, greenery and landscape amenities in the park, said Silver's office in a press release.

    Silver, who has been working with Lower East Side resident David Bolotsky and the Friends of Gulick Park, said the improvements will help return to the community a precious open space that children and families will now be able to fully enjoy.

    "In a neighborhood that has long suffered from a lack of open space, Gulick Park serves an enormous need for our children and all of our residents on both sides of Delancey Street," said Silver.

    The money comes from the state Department of Transportation's Transportation Enhancement Program.

    Luther Gulick Park is located just south of Delancey Street between Columbia Street and Bialystoker Place.