Making Bodegas the Bad Guys?

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:01

    I am truly confused by your article on pre-cut produce. The incident that gave rise to the article occurred at the West Side Market on B'way and 97th. So why did the article target bodegas? Would it not have made far more sense - and be far more appropriately informative to your readers - to be asking the owners of West Side Market, Fairway and other large grocers (who sell far more pre-cut fruits (and vegetables) than bodegas) how they are planning to address this issue, since it was they who created the problem, not bodegas? Why did you target "the little guy" when it was "the big guy" who created the problem? This makes as much sense as targeting cat owners in the aftermath of a dog-biting incident.

    Personally, I think you owe bodega owners an apology for the insidious implication that we should somehow be concerned about them, when they did not cause the problem.

    Ian Alterman