Meet the Mayor of East 85th Street

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:02

Jennifer Peterson brings her ebullience and real estate know-how to the Upper East Side block

"Many people call me the mayor [of E. 85th Street] already," said Jennifer Peterson, a real estate agent with Caliber Associates, and one of Our Town's mayor of the block. She has rented space to over 50 people on E. 85th Street alone, and spends time on the block there at least two or three times a day, whether for work or pleasure.

Prior to moving to her current location a little further uptown, 29-year-old Peterson lived on her favorite city block for four years in two separate locations. She is friendly with numerous people on the block, whether they be residents or local business affiliates.

According to Peterson's friend Rebecca Elise, a former Upper East Side resident herself, "[Peterson] walks the span of 85th consistently each day." Peterson is always the first to relay the latest news.

Prior to Elise's move, the two would spend countless hours gracing the block together.

"We have literally seen robberies, fires, demolitions, fights, even memorials," said Elise.

This particular block is close to Peterson's heart because it's near the 86th Street subway stop but without the busyness of its close proximity to such a hub.

Peterson adds there's a Starbucks on the street with outdoor seating where "everyone loves to hang out." It's one of her favorite businesses and places to kick back in the area.

Peterson is also looking forward to the opening of a new Tex-Mex restaurant on the block and speaks fondly of other nearby bars and restaurants, including Molly Pitcher's Ale House, Ryan's Daughter and the sushi restaurant, Poke.

While Peterson loves E. 85th Street and its people, she says the block is not without its concerns, with which she is all too familiar.

"The biggest concern right now is the subway construction," she notes. "It overflows into 85th Street. There is noise and air pollution."

She adds, while she is uncertain about the amount of pollution actually being released, the construction is not as bad as it used to be and will eventually be over.

According to Elise, our new block mayor is "beautiful, intelligent, friendly, well-known, enthusiastic and passionate about 85th street."