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| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:01

    Alleged Drunk Driver Facing Tougher Charges

    Domonic Whilby, who allegedly hijacked a delivery van and crashed into a bus, killing William Pena, an MTA bus driver last month, is now facing up to life in prison. Whilby showed no emotion when he plead not guilty to an indictment that included murder, aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, and assault charges. The incident occurred on February 12th. "The defendant's actions, as depraved and as wanton as they were, show that no amount of bail is appropriate for this defendant at this time as he is charged with murder in the second degree and other charges," Assistant District Attorney Randolph Clarke Jr. said in Manhattan Supreme Court. NY Daily News Andy Warhol's Townhouse Setting For Con An unidentified man conned ten women out of more than $20,000 with fake Craigslist ads in the East Village, including Andy Warhol's former building. The man took several cash down payments for property that he didn't own, and often wasn't for sale by the owner anyway. According to the New York Post, "police said he may be a former resident of the building who once rented and later sublet the bait apartment." E V Grieve Orthodox Jews Protest Israeli Law

    Tens of thousands Orthodox Jews gathered in the Financial District and Seaport area last Sunday in order to protest a new Israeli law, forcing Orthodox Jews in Israel to join the rest of the country in at least two years of military service. The protest, in name only, featured no signs or chanting and focused solely on prayer. "This is a protest against Israeli law that would imprison Jews who want to study," said Yitz Farkas, one of the participants. TribecaTrib

    Population Increase Spells Trouble for Lower Manhattan

    There already aren't enough public school seats for the children of Lower Manhattan, but if statistics hold, things are going to get a lot worse, and for Community Board 1 in particular. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of children decreased by 7.3 percent in New York City. However, over that same period of time in Community Board 1, the population increased 83.6%. "A school has been authorized for Community District 1, but we don't know where it will go," said Diana Switaj, CB1's land use and planning director. "We do know that there's a gigantic need in the Financial District." Downtown Post NYC

    Children's Magical Garden Lawsuit

    Last Monday, lawyers representing the Childrens Magical Garden filed a lawsuit against 157 LLC claiming that their purchase of land was invalid because it wasn't for sale. "In New York after a continuous possession of the property is maintained and cultivated for 10 years you become the legal owner of the property," said Benjamin Burry, an attorney for Children's Magical Garden.