Neighborhood News Check

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:02

    Warby Parker Moves to U.E.S.

    Trendy eye-wear company Warby Parker is moving into Lascoff Drugs' old store front on East 82nd Street. Lascoff Drugs, which occupied the store front for over a century and was the first licensed pharmacy in the state of New York, shuttered in July 2012. "Over the course of our leasing efforts, we received numerous offers from national chains, restaurants and bars. These offers were higher than the deal we ultimately signed," said Samy Mahfar, the owner of the space. "I held out for a tenant I knew would be a good neighbor and a good member of the community."

    Wealthy Central Park Mugger Pleads Guilty in Robbery

    Jesse Wasserman, a wealthy former Vermont Academy student who was arrested for a slew of Upper East Side muggings, has now pleaded guilty to an armed robbery in Westchester. The man's parents refused to pay his $75,000 bail and has been sitting in a county prison since June. Wasserman was sentenced to a year in jail but will likely be let off for time served. NY Daily News

    Plea In 1010 WINS Assault Case

    What started out as an incorrect pizza order ended with a plea deal that will put Elton Anthony in prison. Anthony, who performed housework for and eventually developed a friendship with 1010 WINS radio news anchor Brian Carey, got into an argument with Carey over a wrong pizza order, which resulted in Carey's jaw being broken in two places and a fractured eye socket. Anthony faces up to five years in prison. NY Post

    U.E.S. offers affordable rents

    The Times reports that despite its reputation as a family friendly older neighborhood, the Upper East Side is becoming increasingly attractive to younger tenants. With rents in trendy areas like Greenwich Village and Brooklyn driving prices up, the U.E.S. offers relatively affordable alternatives. "Where they want to live, the rent for a place like that will be $2,600. But there are plenty of spacious studios with exposed brick in a much more affordable price range on the Upper East Side," said Eric Rohe, an agent with Citi Habits. New York Times

    10 Teen suicides this year

    Officially, there has been only one teen suicide in the city in 2014 - that of 15-year-old Jayah Shaileya Ram-Jackson, who jumped off the roof of her grandmother's 27-story U.W.S. building in early February. But according to a recording obtained by the Post, Department of Eduation Chancellor Carmen Farina puts the number much higher. "As chancellor, I've been on the job seven weeks, and there have already been 10 reported suicides. We cannot allow those," she told 250 new principals at Stuyvesant High School during a private meeting. - NY Post