Noisy Bowling Alley?

| 17 Feb 2015 | 12:58

    Bowlmor Lanes at Union Square has been getting multiple complaints lately about noise and loud parties from residents who claim that the popular party spot has not been a good neighbor, and has frequently played extremely loud music. One neighbor, Anne Walker, who lives on 12th Street right by the bowling alley, says that it has gotten out of control. She said that on New Year's Eve, she could hear the music coming from Bowlmor until 3:30 am.

    "They don't live in this neighborhood, they are constantly screaming and using obscenities. Look, we pay a lot of money to live here," she said. "You go to have a dinner party and all of a sudden its boom, boom, bass coming through your window."

    Walker says that she and other neighbors have started a petition and called 311 with complaints plenty of times, but to no avail. Bowlmor Lanes did not comment in time for publication.