Online Buzz: 7-Eleven

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:04

    Last week's op-ed story by Lower East Side resident Brian Katz, who lamented the opening of a 7-Eleven in his neighborhood. generated a big response on Here are a few of the comments:

    "Maybe after six months to a year, they will shut down because their customer base is nonexistent - crosses fingers - but hopefully they don't close out any mom-and-pop shops before then. Good Luck Alphabet City! I hope your neighborhood doesn't wind up with the many chains that have taken over my neighborhood, keep up the fight." - Creighton

    "One of the things [that] makes New York City great and a lure to the rest of the country and world is that it's one of the very few cities where mom-and-pop restaurants and bodegas (and individuality) can survive. This is one of the reasons why I live here. In a capitalistic society, we vote with our money. Support the nice local guy who's been there for decades, and let's boycott 7-11!"

    - knowyourbaker

    "The 7 - 11 on St. Mark's Place near 2nd Ave is driving Gem Spa out of business! Gem Spa folks are incredibly decent and have been good neighbors forEVER. Please buy from Gem Spa! And their coffee is always good!"

    - Patricia