Opening Doors, and Memories, at the Freedom Tower

| 17 Feb 2015 | 12:58

The first major new building at the Trade Center opens early in 2014

One World Trade Center reopens early in 2014 -- reopening for many New Yorkers memories of the city's darkest day.

The building, known throughout the world as the Freedom Tower and officially crowned last year as America's tallest building, will for many downtown Manhattanites represent a fresh start after a dozen years of contentious -- and emotional -- debate about what should follow the terror attacks of Sept. 2001. In New York, business marches on, even if the scars of the day remain.

Now, look for a new round of concerns surrounding the building, including security questions, continuing complaints about construction noise and disruption, and traffic congestion.

Nor will the opening of the building put an end to the construction site that is the former World Trade Center complex. Work on other buildings continue, as does the prolonged effort to build a museum to memorialize the attacks.

But the opening of 1WTC will be a moment of note, and the beginning of some sort of new start.