Puppy Mill Firestorm

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:00

    Our story on the providence of dogs sold in local pet shops ("That Doggie in the Window," January 30, 2014) garnered dozens of online comments. Here are a few of them:

    "Why are we allowing people like [this] and other animal exploiters to get rich off pet sales when our city shelters are overflowing with unwanted animals??? From an ethical, fiscal or logical perspective, pet stores should not be allowed to sell animals in NYC." - Nicodemo Spadavecchia

    "While 4 million adoptable animals are put to sleep every year there is no such thing as a 'responsible breeder.' The term is an oxymoron as no responsible person would breed (or buy) during an overpopulation crisis with deadly consequences." - Ed

    "Instead of keeping the vile puppy mills in business, and profiting off the suffering of these poor dogs, why doesn't Citipups do something good, stop selling commercially bred puppies, and sell shelter or rescue dogs only." - PL

    "The Animal Welfare Act which is the law that governs large-scale breeding facilities gives minimal protection to the animals. No reputable breeder or loving owner would allow their pets to live in those conditions. The fact that a breeder has a clean record means NOTHING. The dogs still live in cages for life, eat cheap food, lack GOOD vet care, excercise and mental stimulation - EVERYTHING that a good breeder/pet owner provides for dogs. There is no comfort in the USDA oversight as they overlook violations. See: The Inspector General's Audit on Problematic Breeders 5/2010. A breeding facility with no violations is still the equivalent of solitary confinement for dogs. These are COMPANION animals folks and they deserve to be treated that way and not like a commodity. The owner of CitiPups should publish the list of breeders he buys from. Let us research his breeders through the USDA. Reputable breeders do not breed hundreds of dogs. Puppy mills breed for profit ONLY." - jfisher