Racing Through East Midtown

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:09

More than a dozen teams participate in the first annual East Midtown Challenge Nearly 70 people from 13 teams raced through East Midtown earlier this month as part of the first-annual Great East Midtown Challenge. The event kicked off at Central Synagogue, as teams answered questions from the previous four issues of Our Town before hitting the streets, where they followed different routes through East Midtown until reaching the "finish line" at Bloom's Tavern. Along the way, they accessorized couches, balanced a ball as they rolled a sanitation barrel, did Pilates exercises, answered trivia, sank golf putts, and engaged in a number of other activities. [caption id="attachment_72493" align="alignleft" width="300"]( Participants from the Hilton Garden Inn Midtown East[/caption] The Great East Midtown Challenge benefitted the Partnership's Homeless Outreach program, contracted through BRC. The one stop all 13 teams had in common was at the BRC Homeless Outreach van, parked on East 56th Street." The first team to arrive at Bloom's Tavern was from Doral Bank New York, which edged out the second place competitiors from The Wellness Center of New York and the third place team from Golfsmith. The enthusiastic racers from the San Carlos Hotel won an award for Best Team Spirit, and Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden -- which came dressed in period costume -- won for "Best Team Photograph."