Razor Robbery

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:00

    A man was arrested after attempting to steal a cell phone, wallet, and cash from a passenger sleeping on the subway. At 4:20 AM on Sunday, August 11, a police officer observed a 20-year-old man removing a cell phone from the right front pants pocket of a 54-year-old man sleeping on the subway at Fulton Street and Church Street. The officer then observed the thief cutting the sleeping passenger's right rear pants pocket with a razor blade and removing a wallet containing cash and credit cards. The officer arrested the young man and charged him with grand larceny. The razor blade and the passenger's property were recovered from the thief's front right shorts pocket. The bad guy had been arrested for robbery on a previous occasion. Items stolen and recovered included $240 in cash, a black wallet valued at $40, a New York State driver's license, a Samsung cell phone, and various debit and credit cards.