Returning to the Glory Days

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:02

    Sounds like Our Town is going to be the hard-hitting investigative reporting newspaper it was when it was founded by Ed Kayatt in 1970. I was one of the original editors and investigative reporters. I was married to Ed.

    In the 1970s and 80s Our Town was the paper of record for the Upper East Side. We got awards for our investigative reporting. Animal experimentation at the Museum of Natural History was exposed, in the main, by Our Town, and with our relentless reporting (and advocacy), it ended.

    Our Town's office was a beehive of activity 24/7. It was "the" place where people and institutions came to to complain, to celebrate victories, to get things done. Whether it was a traffic light that didn't work, a crossing guard who was taking a smoke while on duty, a noisy juice bar, Our Town was at the forefront of reporting about it and getting, if not resolutions, voice to the issues.

    I get the sense that you have that commitment and sensibility, and that Our Town will resonate as it did in its heyday.  - Arlene S. Kayatt