ROCK ROCK ACME UNDERGROUND 9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette St.), 420-1934. ...

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    ACME UNDERGROUND 9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette St.), 420-1934. WEDS: Half Man Wonder, Satanicbuttslayer, The Trollups, Miss Fortune. THURS: Custard Wally, Modesty Blaze, Immoral Fibres, Disturbed, Founin, The Heartdrops, The Kowalkis, The Penumbra, Uncle Fondle. FRI: Wad, Caesar Pink, Superchink, Karen Rush, Mink Lungs, Mankind. SAT: Squirrels from Hell, Kiwi Lip Bomb, Swampbelly, Flavor Seargeant, Sick FM, Smile for Three. TUES: Open mic with Sack. ARLENE GROCERY 95 Stanton St. (betw. Ludlow & Orchard Sts.), 358-1633. Free. WEDS: Julian Smith, A.M.60, Tricia Scotti, Kagero, Jack Lukeman, 7. THURS: Division St, Sean Altman, Eve's Design, Mila Drumke Band, Heavy Flo, Dough, 7. FRI: Motel Girl, The Sloeguns, Red Betty, Airstripone, Sons of Bitches, Mad Daddy, 8. SAT: Stagger Crawl, Kari Newhouse, Anne Klein, The 527's, Cementhead, Plug Spark Sanjay, Plastic Holiday, 7. SUN: Hunuman Trio, Morley, Mearle Throttle, Ferdinand The Bull, Retina, 7. MON: Craig Mitchell, Mission On Mars, Jack Lukeman,, Natasha & The MGB, Punk Rock Karaoke, 7. TUES: Tamara Williamson, Renanne, Deb Montgomery, Pawnshop, 8. BABY JUPITER 170 Orchard St. (Stanton St.), 982-BABY. Most shows $3-$5. WEDS: Adam Kipple & Drive By Leslie, Apollo Heights, 9. THURS: Ekayani & the Healing Band, Nozmo King, 10. FRI: Sleep without Pillow, Transmitting, Apllie d Science, Organic Thoughts, Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty Six (Yeah, baby!). SAT: Scarecrow Collection, Michal, Lotus 33, Toss'n'Skin, 8. SUN: Colt 40 Fineburg. MON: Elizabeth, Myself, Missing Pieces, Tamalalou, 8. TUES: The Roundtable Sessions, 7th Octave, Clark Gayton, 8. BITTER END 147 Bleecker St. (Thompson St.), 673-7030. Most shows at 8, $5. WEDS: Jesse Turner, Teddy Goldstein, Brian Seymour, Kyoti, Superhypermost, Paul Clements. THURS: Hip Ripper, Big Cats, Mouthful. FRI: Alex Houton, S'Doun, The Popgun Seven, The Healers. SAT: Jen Cohen, Mary Arden Collins, 7 Minds, Pat Burtis Band, Earth Eatz Do1, Billy Hector & the Fairlanes. SUN: Blue, Otis Read, Amm Made Jam. MON: Arlette, Redtime, Days of Wild. TUES: Jennifer Levy, Mike Harvey, Jody Sheeler, Nine Days, Yasmin Allstars. B.M.W. BAR 199 7th Ave. (betw. 21st & 22nd Sts.), 229-1807. No cover. FRI: San Dixon, 7, Kennedy Ann, 9. SAT: Rick Johnson & open mic, 4-9; Jazz, 10. SUN: Robert, 7, Joe Romby, 8. BOTTOM LINE 15 West 4th St., 228-7880. FRI: John Wesley Harding, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Ellis Paul, 7:30, $15. BOWERY BALLROOM 6 Delancey St. (betw. Delancey & Bowery Avs.), 533-2111. WEDS: They Might Be Giants, Losers Lounge, 8, $20. THURS: They Might Be Giants, , Candy Butchers, 8, $20. FRI: They Might Be Giants, You Were Spiraling, 8, $20. SAT: They Might Be Giants, Michael Shelley, 8, $20. TUES: Stereophonics, 9, $12.50. BROWNIES 169 Ave. A (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 420-8392. 21+ unless noted, see also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Fat Buddah, Blueberry, Red Giant, 8, $7. THURS: Barry Kingston & the Screaming Souls, The Gentlemen, Punch Havana, 8, $7. FRI: Sky Lobby, Rocket, Peter Salett, Mastadon, 9, $7. SAT: Zoid Fest pres. Travis Pickle, Magnet, VPN, Muckafurgason, 9, $7. SUN: WFMU Benefit with Andre Williams, Rye Coalition, Electric Frankestein, The Union Army (feat. members of ex-Young Pioneers), Cherry Valence, C Average, 7, $8. MON: Color, Nymho, Rach, CodeSeve, 8, $7. TUES: Deckstatic pres. a benefit for Poetic of the Gravediggas with Poor Righteous Teachers & others. CAFE WHA? 115 MacDougal St. (betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker Sts.), 254-3630. MON: Vannesa Fallbella & Friends. CBGB 315 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 982-4052. WEDS: Velvet Mafia, Simi, L.E.U., Wharton Tiers, 8, $7. THURS: TT Grimm & the Dead Puppies, Side3, Mindless Self Indulgence, Flux Information Sciences, 8, $7. FRI: Raw, Fuzz, Birthmark, Neurobox, 7th Rail Crew, Torpedo Jones, Pale Green Stars, 8, $9. SAT: Vasquez, Shiney Mama, The Sweetheart & Mistreaters, Natasha & the MGB, PCP Highway, 8, $9. SUN: Dodge the Death Ray, Silent Majority, Ann Beretta, The Mr. T. Experience, 7, $8. MON: Gluecifer, Nashville Pussy, 8, $10. TUES: Every Second, Earth Eatz Dog, Dry Heaves, Downpore, Nocturnal Sun, 8, $5; X-possibles, Action Cat Tuesdays, 12:30. CB'S 313 GALLERY 313 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 677-0455. WEDS: Lucky, Ithalia & BabuBand, The Rummies, Dorothy Scott, Pamela Miller, $5. THUR: Peter Galub, Caleb, Rainebow Erosion, Patrick Harmon, Rees Shad, $5. FRI: Andrea Maybaum, Joe Turrano, Stephen, Cal Ellis, $6. Blackout pres. music, poetry, spokienword, dance, 9, $6. SAT: All Butter, Justin Clayton, Pee-Air, 8, $6. SUN: Uragsha (Mongolian Throat Singing Music), Mike Mer, Aquavibe, Jeff Aug, The Hanuman Trio, $5. MON: Big Al Brown, The Retro Rockete, Donya Lane, The Nadas, $5; Alchemy with DJ Jason spinning goth, P.T. Grimm & The Dead Puppies, 10. TUES: Michael Maxwell, Paul Narvaez, Lori Jo Manley, Mojo Biscuits, Vincent Arbona, $5. CHICAGO B.L.U.E.S. 73 8th Ave. (betw. 13 7 14th Sts.), 924-9755. WEDS: Scotty Mac 7 the Rockin Bonnevilles, $5. THURS: Duke Robillard, $15. FRI: Johnny Allen, $10. SAT: Bill Perry, $15. MON: Open blues Jam, all musicians welcome, 9. TUES: Blues Showcase, NYC local bands. C-NOTE 157 Ave. C (10th St.), 677-8142. Shows at 7 unless noted, free. WEDS: Tarra Engelbardt, Brujon Project, Red Rooster Revue, 7. THURS: Antifolk Party feat. LJ Murphy, Mike Rechner, Jon berger, Major Matt Mason USA, Schwervon, Adam Simons, Full Throttle Aristotele, The Clam, 7. FRI: Dogs Without Tails, Labour Plalace, Harrison, Nicole McKenna, Erl Yamamoto Trio, 7. SAT: Lenny Hat, Brian Klien, Daniel white, Kimberly Werst, Candala Soul, Fundementia, 7. SUN: Rick Johnson's Open mike, Alec Berlin, 8. MON: Akiko Pavolka, Hannes Dekassian, Katherine Russo, 7:30. TUES: Jack Grace & Marilee, Kokomo Joe, Paul Decoster, Anna Ventura, 7. CONTINENTAL 25 3rd Ave. (St. Marks Pl.), 529-6924. WEDS: The Bennys, Medicine Stick, Pale Green Stars, Funk n' Dome, $5. THURS: Grimple, 7 Foot Splee, Puny Humans, Size, $5. FRI: Cone on, Sterile, Gutter Girl, dopamine, columbia 3000, $5. SAT: The Soft Parade (Doors trib.), The Unforgettable Fire (U2 trib.). SUN: Rev. Vince Anderson, Kyosuke Otsuka Blues Band. MON: Drugstore Soul, Bhanglassi. TUES: Caprice, Friction, Young Socrates. DETOUR 349 E. 13th St. (1st Ave.), 533-6212. WEDS: Donny McCaslin Quartet. THURS: Matt Wilson Quartet. FRI: Eric Rasmussen Quintet. SAT: Rudy Mahanthappaha Quartet. SUN: The Sunday Jazz Spot with Mike Magilligan. MON: Marya Lawrence & Metamorphosis. TUES: Will Sellenraad Trio. DOWNTIME 251 W. 30th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 695-2747. THURS: Retro Rockez, Jenny Bruce, Drew Yowell, Pete's Blade, 8. FRI: Skully Records pres. the release of "Gothabilly: Wakin' The Dead," with Thee Hallowteens, The Brickbats, The Psychonauts, 8 Ball Grifter, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, DJ Charlie the Slut, 9, $10. SAT: Keith Everett, Ray De Tone, Bunky, 8, $10. ELBOW ROOM 144 Bleecker St. (betw. Thomson St. & La Guardia Place), 979-8434. WEDS: Neo, King Holiday, Tonya Hall, Karaoke, $5. THURS: Looking for Art, Blundman's Sun, Zilo Groove, $7. FRI: Of Sound Mind, Last 2 Weeks, Pleasure Swells, Organic Juice, Soul Vine, X It, $8. SAT: Soul Pool, Girls of Porn, More, Diaster Relief Fund, Super Genius, $8. MON: Pan, Zilo Groove, $5. TUES: Craig Mitchal, Spank, Daddy, Danial Lemma, $7. GIOVANNI'S ATRIUM 100 Washington St (Rector St.), 344-3777. TUES: Vocalist Francine Whitney with duo Standards. THURS & FRI: Phoebe Legere (Swing-Hop), 6-10:30, free. GREAT LAKES 284 5th Av., 718-499-3710. WEDS: Grovin' Girls (Japanese Jazz); Ultravenus Trio. THURS: Indie night feat. local alt. music. HOGS & HEIFERS 1843 1st Ave. (betw. 95th & 96th Sts.), 722-8635. Shows at 10, free. WEDS: Dusty Wright & The Idle Rich.THURS: Sheriff Uncle Bob. FRI: Bob Ryan Band. SAT: Star City. IRVING PLAZA 17 Irving Pl. (15th St.), 777-6800. WEDS: S.O.B.'s Concerts pres. the Reggae Millennium concert series feat. Burning Spear, 9. FRI: Jarabe De Palo, Antigua, $35-$40. MON: Frontline Assembly, 7:30, $22-$24. KENNY'S CASTAWAYS 157 Bleecker St. (betw. Thompson & Sullivan Sts.), 473-9870. WEDS: Who's The Boss. THURS: Yowza. FRI: Half Breed, Sudden Eclipse, Jimson's Lyric, Kelly Ann Monahan. SAT: The Reputations, Sic. SUN: Yowza, Acoustic Coktail Party hosted by Paul Clements. MON: The Band With No Name, Joe Denin Zone. TUES: Tom Riccobono & the Bleecker Street Bashers, John Negron, Dominick Dorrian & the Icemen. KNITTING FACTORY 74 Leonard St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 219-3055. All ages. Main Space: WEDS: The Bevis Frond (Nick Saloman), Negro Problem, Clem Snide, 9, $8-$10. THURS: Uz Jsme Doma, Larval, Stinking Lizaveta, 9, $8. FRI: Genesis P-Orridge pres. Thee Majesty, a new sonic project for tabla, sampler, prepared guitar & voice; Derek Jarman, Larry Thrasher. SAT: Daniel Johnston, Brown Whorenet, 9, $12. MON: Antony & the Johnsons Orchestra, 8, $10; Adrian Legg, 10, $12-$14. TUES: A Night of US Noise-UK Noise feat. Nihilist Spas Band, Thurston Moore, Cock ESP, Astray Navigations, V/VM (UK), 9, $10. Old Office: WEDS: Dave Bryant, 7, $5; Singer-Songwriter Series feat Sean Altman, Lee Feldman, David Dragov, 9:30. THUR: Leon Parker, 8 & 9:30, $12& 1 drink. SUN: Leon Parker, 8 & 9:30, $12 & 1 drink. MON: Naftule's Dream, 8 & 9:30. TUES: Rockin The Casbah, 8 & 9:30; Funtcha. Alterknit Theatre: WEDS: Test, 7, $6; Homer Erotic, 9, $7,; art Lillard First flight, 11, $6 THURS: The Blue Room feat. Hip-Hop, R&B poetry, open mike showcase pres. Jeremy & Aisha Mike, DJ. Cee Trruth spins Oleschool & Neo classic soul, host O.B.K. FRI: Poetry Series, Juba Dowdell, open mic, 7, $5; Psycho The Clown & Friends, 9, $7. SAT: Vanessa Morris-James Merenda Duo, 7, $6; Dialing Privileges, 9, $6. SUN: Performance Series feat. Denise LaGrassa & Judith Sloan; Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, 9 & 11, $8. MON: Bunker Annex Series feat. Gary Heidt, 7, $5; Straylight Dialogues with Dj Olive, 9, $7; Hanuman Trio, 11, $6. TUES: Anna Sim, 7; Pumpernickel, Emandi, 9:30. LAKESIDE LOUNGE 162 Ave. B (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 529-8463. Shows at 9, free. WEDS: Chris Hardford. THURS: Comfy Chair. FRI: Star City. SAT: Angry Johnny & the Killbillies. SUN: Coal Palace Kings. MON: Anna. TUES: Rob Hudak. LION'S DEN 214 Sullivan St. (betw. Bleecker & W. 3rd Sts.), 477-2782. FRI: K-Rising, John Lardieri, Trails of Debris, Drift Problem, Friday's Child, 8, $8-$10. THE LIVING ROOM 84 Stanton St. (Allen St.), 533-7235. WEDS: Martha Schulyer Thompson, Sloan Wainwright, The Count, Seanin, 7:30. THURS: Kyle Shiver, BMI Showcase pres. Best of Boston with Pamela Means, Nate Borofsky, Barbara Kessler, Chris Delmhurst, Flix McTigue, Tinkerbell Thompson. FRI: Gonzalo-Silva, Eric Schwartz, Mary Gautier, Lit Plastic, Libby, Dudley Saunders, 7. SAT: JO Davidson, Jabbering Trout, Paul Scott Goodman, Halle, Andrew Vladek, Faith, 7. SUN: Gospel Brunch!, 3; Lauren Agnelli, Ariana Daner, Natalie Farr. MON: Jeff Getty Chris Moore, Jack McKeever. TUES: The Mendoza Line, Lianne Smith, Andrew Wyatt, Andrew Bemkey & Kinship. MANITOBA'S 99 Ave. B (betw. 6th & 7th Sts.), 982-2511. Most shows at 10, free. WEDS: Mike Mok. FRI: The Human Tornados. SAT: Adam Roth. SUN: Jessie Bates & his Flying Guitar. MON: Beat Rodeo. TUE: Rev. Vince Anderson. MERCURY LOUNGE 217 E. Houston St. (betw. Ludlow & Essex Sts.), 260-4700. WEDS: Jessica Craven, Paul Rudderman, Patti Rothberg, 7:30, $7. THURS: Dennison Witmer, Innocence Mission, 9, $15. SAT: The Pharmacists, Wheat, $7. MON: Parise, Saturnine, Darby Jones, Leonna Naess, 7, $7. TUES: Jennie Arnau, Patricia Vonne, The Red King, Interpol, 7, $7. RAVEN CAFE 194 Ave. A (betw. 12th & 13th Sts.), 529-4712. WEDS: Acoustic Open Mic, 7, free. THURS: Hear & Now Poetry Series pres. hosts Gabriel Levicky & Jacqueline Annette, poets are invited, 7:30, $3. SHIP'S MAST 351 Kent Ave. (S. 5th St.), 718-599-1936. THURS: Wild Dr. Billy's Open Mic Night, 9, free. SIDEWALK CAFE 94 Ave. A (6th St.), 473-7373. THURS: Deep Sound Diver, A Man Called Drew, Marilee, Tony Hightower, Paleface, The Jack Grace Band, 7:30. FRI: TraceSenders, Tryst, Drew Blood, Animal Head, Joe Bendik & the Heathens, Magges, 7. SAT: Pat Harper & Agro, Al Lee Wyer, Jim Knable, Jim Kemp, Kirk Kelly, 7:30. SUN: Scott Wakefield, The James Boggia Project, Logs in The Mainstream, Ernest Paiz, Counter Guy, The O, 7. MON: The Antihoot with Lach, 7:30. TUES: Anandi, Grey Revel, Fire Dean, Sean Lee, Belden Gaynor, Kevin Draine, Walker, 7:30. SPIRAL LOUNGE 244 E. Houston St. (Ave. A), 353-1740. WEDS: Mad Things, bombs Away, Shatizar, Vangoh's radio, Universal Chrome. THURS: Chris Arlen, Little Jimmy Sparks, Mikey & The Famlee Circus, Mozart's Grave. FRI: Rasp, Elva Snow, Revelation, Full Tilt, Satanicide?, Crave, Camacho. SAT: Last Taboo, suburban Trash, Wash, The Deliriants, The Spunks, Outside Toy, Last Generation, Kiddy badass. MON: Rhyme Animals & Deemo Da Pro. TUES: Chemical Road, South Forty, High Five, Jake The Hunter, Money for the Tll Asia Bubblwed. WETLANDS PRESERVE 161 Hudson St. (Laight St.), 966-4225. WEDS: Big Ass Truck, Spywagon, Smit Haus, 8, $8. THURS: Fat Mama, Lake Trout, 8, $8. FRI: Cousin Fungus, Conehead Buddha, 8, $10. SAT: Seekin Homer, Acoustic Junction, 8, $10. SUN: Motive Records & The Roots pres. The Black Lilly Jam Session, 9:30, free. MON: The Off Wall St. Jam, Maya's Attic, Full Metal Jacket, Rolling Bones, No Dice, Lily black, Cellophane Phorest of Never, 6, $10. TUES: Rainbow Family benefit with Tiberius, 8. JAZZ

    ANYWAY CAFE 34 E. 2nd St. (betw. 2nd & 3rd Avs.), 533-3412. TUES: Andrei Ryabov, 9, free. BIRDLAND 315 W. 44th St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 581-3080. Shows at 9 & 11 (& 12:30 Fri & Sat), $10-$15 unless otherwise noted, $10 WEDS: Danish Wave '99 pres. Mad Cow Sing, $15-$20. THURS-SAT: Ron Carter Nonet, $15-$25. SUN: Chico O'Farrill Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band. MON: Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra feat. Lew Tabackin. TUES: The Famour Duke Ellington Orchestra. BLACK BETTY 366 Metropolitan Ave. (Havemeyer St.), Williamsburg, Bklyn., 718-599-0243. Also see "Clubs & Lounges." Shows at 10, free. SUN: The Michael Karn Trio. MON: The Misha Piatigorsky Brazilian Trio. TUES: Miss Eleisha & Viva Knieval with freeform go-go. BLUE NOTE 131 W. 3rd St. (6th Ave.), 475-8592. Shows at 9 & 11:30, $30 + $5 min. unless noted. WEDS-SUN: The Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Stars feat. James Moody, Jon Faddis, Slide Hampton, John Lee & Ignacio Berroa, $30 & $5 min. BUBBY'S 120 Hudson St. (betw. Franklin & Moore Sts.), 399-0714. MON: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free. C.O.M.A. 156 Rivington St. (betw. Clinton & Suffolk), SUN: John McDonough & friends. CONNOLLOY'S PUB 14 E. 47th St. (betw. Madison & 5th Avs.), 867-3767. SAT: Black 47, 10:30, $10.

    THE COOLER 416 W. 14th St. (9th Ave.), 645-5189. WEDS: Foot, To Live & Shave in LA, Splotch, The Resineaters, Twinkle Girls. FRI: Mutiny, Rheka, Siraiki. SAT: Rainy Haloween party, Big Lazy. SUN: T Model Ford, Knoxville Girls, Lo-Hi, Speedball Baby. COOPER UNION Cooper Square, Great Hall, 279-4200 or THURS: Ursula Oppens (piano) plays Beethoven Sonatas, 7:30, $10-$15. COTTON CLUB 666 125th St. (West Side Hwy.), 663-7980, THURS & MON: Big Band & swing dance night, 8. FRI & SAT: Live blues & jazz. SAT & SUN: Gospel brunch & dinner shows. YE OLDE TRIPPLE INN 263 West 54 St, 245-9849. No minimun, no cover. WEDS: Robert Ross. THURS: Felber Frolics with Susie Felber. SUN: Open Blues Jam with session players. MON: Time Oumette & his Swingin 10 Piece Big Band. GARAGE RESTAURANT 99 7th Ave. S. (Grove St.), 645-0600. Free. WEDS: Sandra Rae, 9. THURS: Linda Ipanema, 9. FRI: The Herschey Barr Band Jazz & Blues Review, 10. SAT: Jazz Brunch with Leslie Guin, 12; Evening Jazz with The Herschey Barr Band Jazz & Blues Review, 10:30. SUN: Jazz Brunch with Pucci Amanda Jhones, 12; Evening Jazz with vocalist David Coss & his Trio, 7. MON: Howard Williams Jazz Orchestra, 8. TUES: Jazz vocalist David Coss & his Trio, 9. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM 1071 5th Av. (betw. 88th & 89th Sts.), 423-3840. FRI & SAT: WorldBeat Jazz with Alaya, feat. Steve Sandberb, Frank Colon & others, 5-8. SUN & MON: Tony Award winning composer Jason Robert Brown previews new works; Broadway's young performers Deith Byron Kirk, Brooks Amanskas, Jessica Molaskey & Brooke Sunny Moriberm 7, $10-$15. IRIDIUM 48 W. 63rd St. (betw. Columbus Ave. & B'way), 582-2121. WEDS-SUN: The Richard Bona Quintet, $10-$20. JAZZ STANDARD 116 E. 27th (betw. Park & Lexington Avs.), 576-2232. Sets on weekdays, 8 & 10; Friday & Saturday, 8, 10:30 & 12; Sunday, 7 & 9. Prices weekdays & Sunday, $15-$20; Friday & Saturday, $20-$25. WEDS-SUN: Billy Higgins & the True Blue All-Stars feat. Don Sickler, Curtis Fuller, James Spaulding, Ronnie Matthews, John Ore. JOE'S PUB The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette (betw. Astor Pl. & E. 4th St.), 239-6200. WEDS: Bethany Yarrow, 9; Latin Jazz Coalition, 11:30. THURS & FRI: Heather Woodbury, 7:30. SUN: Foundry Legacies Series, 5; Heather Woodbury, 7:30. TUES: Heather Woodbury, 7:30; Fever, 11. JUNIPER CAFé 185 Duane St. (Greenwich St.), 965-1201. WEDS: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 7-11, free. KNICKERBOCKER 33 University Pl. (9th St.), 228-8490. WEDS-SAT: Russ Kassoff, Linc Milliman. LINCOLN CENTER 140 West 65th St. (betw. Amsterdam & Columbus Avs.) MON & TUES: Jazz at the Penthouse pres. Gener Harris, solo piano, 8, $40. THURS & SAT: Lincoln Center's celebration of The Ellington Centennial pres. Wess "Warmdaddy" Anderson, Joe Temperley, Victor Goines, Ted Nash, Wycliffe Gordon, Ryan Kisor, Marcus Printup & Wynton Marsalis, 8, $45. MUSEUM OF MODERN ART 11 West 53rd Street (betw. Park & 5th Avs.), 708-9400. FRI: Fall jazz concerts series feat. Steve Kirby Quartet, 5:30-8, free w/ mus. adm. NEW SCHOOL 66 West 12th St. (betw. 5th & 6th Sts.), 229-5488. WEDS: Jazz Insights 21st Year pres. Michael Chertiok, $25; Cecil Payne, 7:45, $20. SARDI'S 235 West 44th St. (betw. 8th & Broadway Avs.), 673-9884. No charge, $12 min. FRI: The John Malino Band, 10:30-1. STARBUCKS 370 7th Ave. (betw. 30th & 31st Sts.), 976-8463. SUN: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 2-6, free. THE OAK ROOM Algonquin Hotel, 59 W. 44th St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 840-6800. Also see "Cabaret." THURS: Howard Fishman Quartet, 9, $35. FRI & SAT: Howard Fishman Quartet, 9 & 11:30, $35. TONIC 107 Norfolk St. (betw. Delancey & Rivington Sts.), 358-7503. WEDS: Gerard Malanga, 8; With Loren MazzaCane Connor, 10. THURS: Brian Glick, James Fei, Seth Misterka, & Jackson Moore; Sabir Mateen, John Blum & Corason. FRI: Jim O'Rourke, Loren MazzaCane Connors, Killre Joey, 8 & 10, $10. SAT: Electro Putas, 1:30; White Out, 8; With Loren MazzaCane Connors; Slow Poke, 12, $4. UNIVERSITY OF THE STREETS 130 East 7th Street (betw. Ave. A & 1st Ave.), 533-3512. Musicians welcome. TUES: Jimmy Vass, 8-12, $3. VILLAGE VANGUARD 178 7th Ave. S. (betw. W. 11th & Waverly Sts.), 255-4037. All shows at 9:30 & 11:30, 1 a.m. on Fri. & Sat., $15-$20 & $10 min. SAT-TUES: Brad Mehldau Trio with Larry Grenadier, Jorge Rossy. WEST END 2909 B'way (betw. 113th & 114th Sts.), 662-8830. FRI: Friday Night Jazz feat. Makanda Ken McIntyre, 9:30 & 11, $7. BLUES/DANCING/WORLD/OTHER

    CAFFE DELLA PACE 48 E. 7th St. (2nd Ave.), 529-8024. WEDS: Ceu Duo (Brazilian), 9:30, free. DEMU CAFE 773 Fulton St., Bklyn., 917-234-0756. SAT: "The Tehut-Nine Show," open mic for rap, reggae, r&b, dance, acting & poetry, 8, $5. EL PATIO DEL EAST SIDE 211 East 60th St. (betw. 2nd & 3rd Sts.), 838-9090. FRI & SAT: Flamenco Extravaganza pres. Carmen "La Sala," Paco Ortiz, Juan Amay & dancers, 8 & 11, $20. GROOVE 125 MacDougal St. (W. 3rd St.), 673-5576. Free. WEDS: TMOLL (r&b), the Jay Sweeney Experience. THURS: T.M.O.L.L., open mic with Aquarius Groove. FRI: Mike Pitree Quartet, the Dana Jarred Collective. SAT: The Cats, Groove House Band. SUN: Sun Watts Music Jazz Quartet, The Bell System feat. Bobby Bell. MON: Roz Nixon's Blues Jam. TUES: The B Side (r&b). IDEYA RESTAURANT 349 West Broadway (betw. Broome & Grand Sts.), 969-9883. MON: Frank Bamabara Y Sus Salseros (old Cuban standards & Salsa classics), 9, free. LA BELLE EPOQUE 827 B'way (betw. 12th & 13th Sts.), 254-6436. THURS: Live Music by Tanguardia. FRI: Friday Tango, dinning & dancing, 9:30, $10. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 2 Penn Plaza (34th St.), 465-MSG1. SAT: Fania All-Stars, What Legends are Made of feat. Celia Cruz, Willie Color, Ruben Blades, Oscar D'Leon, others. METRONOME RESTAURANT 915 Broadway (21st St.), 505-7400. No charge. No minumum. FRI & SAT: Kelly Broadway Trio. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART 1000 5th Av., 222-4848. WEDS: Beethoven's Speaking of Sonatas series with conductor & pianist David Golub pres. "Appassionata" Sonata, 2:30, $15; "Two Saints & a Sinner" series feat. music from Codex Calixtinus in the collection of the Cathedral of Santiago de compostela, Spain, 8, $30. THURS: Fazil Say (piano), Bach's Italian Concerto, Mozart's Sonata #11 in A Major, K. 331, Debussy's The Sunken Cathedra, Liszt's Sonata in B Monor, 8, $25. SAT: Philharmonia Virtuosi feat. guest pianist Anton Nel play music from Delius, Chopin, Rautavaara & Haydn, 7, $25. TUES: "An Operatic Romp: The Trojan War & Its Aftermath," with broadcaster Nimet Habachy & singers, 2:30, $15. NELL'S 246 W. 14th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 675-1567. FRI: Eddy Zervigon & Orquesta Broadway, DJ Medina, DJ Al Angeloro, 9, $7-$10. PHOENIX ROOM 570 Amsterdam Av. (betw. 87th & 88th Sts.), 580-7755. Shows at 10-11:30 & 1, $5 unless noted. THURS-SAT: Christine Santelli Band. S.O.B.'S 204 Varick St. (betw. W. Houston & King Sts.), 243-4940. WEDS: Bobby Sanabria & Ascension, 9 & 11, $16. THURS: Basement Bhangra Live, 10, $15. FRI: Island Heat, 12, $12-$20; Mighty Sparrow, 12. SAT: Ogans, 9, 11 & 1, $18; Karnival, 2, $5-$10. SUN: Sheva, 8, $15. MON: Jimmy Bosch, 9 & 11, $16. TUES: Vinyl Voodoo, 9, $10. ST. BART'S DANCE HALL 109 E. 50th St. (Park Av.), 462-3250. FRI: Beale Street Swing Mavens, dance lessos, DJ, 8:30, $12-$15. SUPPER CLUB 240 W. 47th St. (betw. B'way & 8th Ave.), 921-1940. Shows at 12:30 to 2:30. FRI: The Camaros. SAT: The Jumpin' Gigolos feat. Larry Marshall. TERRA BLUES 149 Bleecker St. (betw. Thompson St. & LaGuardia Pl.), 777-7776. First set at 7, second at 10 unless noted. WEDS: Slam Allen, Little Melvin Undergroun. THURS: Ray Schinnery, Lee "Shot" Williams. FRI: Mr. Bill Sims, Michael Power & Powder Keg. SAT: The Chesterfields, Clarence Spady Band. SUN: Jerry Dugger, Moe Holmes & the Pioneers. MON: Michael Powers, Jam, Jerry Dugger & Blakpearl. TUES: Slam Allen, Bobby Radcliff Band. THIRD STREET MUSIC SCHOOL SETTLEMENT 235 E. 11 St. (2nd & 3rd Avs.), 777, 3240. FRI: Gary Tigner (violin) plays Praeledium (from Partita #3 in E Major), J.S. Bach, Poeme, op.25, Ernest Chausson, Sonata in A Major, op. 13, Gabriel Gfauro, 7:30, free. TOWN HALL 123 W. 43rd St. (6th & 7th Avs.), 307-4100. WEDS: The Bluegrass Sessions feat. Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Sam Bush & Mark Schatz, special guests, 8, $36.50. THURS: Cherish the Ladies (Irish Folk), 8. FRI: Rocapella (capella rock), 8. SAT: Cesara Evora (Portugese). SUN: Jemini Productions pres. Forty Years of Peter Smith (Irish step dance), $35-$40. MON: Merle Haggard, special guest Kris Kristoffersson, $35-$50. WORLD MUSIC INSTITUTE Washington Square Church, 135 West 4th Street (betw. 6th & 7th Avs.), 545-7536 or www.HearTheWorld.Org. Locations for each perf. vary. THURS: Phill Niblock, Ulrich Krieger, Thomas, Buckner, Jim O'Rourke, the Soldier String Quartet, Seth Josel, Thruston Moore, Robert Poss & Lee Ranaldo, 8, $7-$10. FRI & SAT: Asian Women in Music Today feat. virtuoso soloists like Korean Komungo, Min Xiao-Fen, Nithyasree Mahadevan, Ni Ketut Suryatini. SAT: Bharata Natyam Dance of India feat. Shobana. SUN: Percussion & Dance of Guinea, West Africa feat. Wofa.