School Is Back. Where Does Yours Rank?

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:14

    Like everything else in New York, education is something of a competitive sport.

    What are the best high schools and how do you get into them? Where do you need to live if you want to give your kid a decent kindergarten? How do you tell one private school from another? What about schools for adults?

    These are some of the questions we sought to answer with this year's Report Card on Fall Education, a 16-page section that starts on p. 13.

    Instead of offering up generic advice on how to help your kids study or ways to understand the mind of an adolescent (we'd need a lot more than 16 pages for that!), we went to the heart of the matter: Once you cut through the clutter, what's the best school for my kid or even for me?

    Our lists are based on a combination of city data and outside ranking services, and look at everything from attendance and test scores to diversity. That's been combined with our own reporting, from listening and working in the neighborhood where you live.

    So dig in. School starts in a week.

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