Spoiled Brats Makes Happy Cats

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:02

The West Side pet shop has both supplies and kitties for adoption

When you enter this store, you will probably be greeted by Corvetta, a petite raven-haired beauty.

"How old is she?" I discreetly asked another patron who was enjoying Corvetta's friendly attention. Yes, I know, an unspeakably rude question ? but I was curious, noticing patches of gray hair marbled throughout the black. Besides, I couldn't ask Corvetta herself: She doesn't speak English.

"Old!" replied the woman, with obvious affection.

As you've doubtless guessed, Corvetta is a cat ? the house cat, as it were ? at Spoiled Brats, a family-run pet-supply shop at 340 W. 49th St. In case you're disappointed, because even from her brief description, you've kinda bonded with Corvetta already, be of good cheer: This narrow but extremely lengthy and stocked to the rafters store has a special "cat room" in the back, where several kitties from Anjellicle Cats Rescue are secured in their own clean, comfortable surroundings, complete with carpeted "kitty condo," until they are adopted.

Anjellicle, for the uninitiated, is a decade-old highly regarded Clinton area mainstay. It is a no-kill all-volunteer group that works closely with Animal Care and Control to pull cats that are in danger of ? how to put this? ? not getting out alive. The day I visited Spoiled Brats, I saw two beautiful butterscotch-and-white kitties comfortably resting, along with a gray-and-white tabby. (For a full listing of the many gorgeous adoptable critters, visit anjelliclecats.com, and prepare to fall in love multiple times.)

Alright, I can hear you pooches and dog-lovers growling, so I'm going to throw you a bone. Better yet, I'm going throw you a rubber chicken; specifically, a Sqawkie Talkies Cheech the Cheeky Chicken. Looking more like something a Borscht Belt comedian would toss around as a prop, the nearly two-foot-long skinny bird is, as its name suggests, a squeaky toy ? but more like a squeaky toy on steroids. I gave this item a little squeeze, and a startlingly robust, near air-raid-siren-like squeak burst forth from its rubbery beak for what seemed an eternity ? this of course would be music to the ears of any squeaky-toy-loving pooch, and aren't they all? Never mind the neighbors ? they can move! (Besides, you'll mostly be playing in the park with this, no?) Please pay the nice folks at Spoiled Brats $15 for Cheech.

What's this? Elegant, beautifully boxed Votivo candles in a pet-supply store? You bet, says Eddie, a friendly staffer here, explaining "that some people have three cats, four cats?" Well, whether pet odors are a problem for you or not, these chunky candles make any living situation smell great. Consider these luscious choices: Moroccan Fig, Morning Violet, Breath of Lavender, Pink Mimosa, Bright Leaf Tobacco and uber-fresh Clean Crisp White; $26 per.

There are lots more unexpected, and expected, items here ? pet toys, litter, leashes, collars and so forth ? but the food's the thing, and what's stocked is top-drawer, heavy on the holistic, specialty formulated and organic. Best-selling brands include Newman's Own Organics, Stella and Chewy's, By Nature and Halo. The last's popular Spot's Stew line sounds like it's for dogs, but this line's holistically based products include kitty varieties as well; $1.39 for a 3-oz. can and $1.79 for a 6-oz. size.

Does anyone really buy smaller cans, when double sizes cost negligibly more? Signed, Just Wondering?