Sprucing Up Lincoln Square

| 17 Feb 2015 | 12:58

By Monica Blum, President, Lincoln Square Business Improvement District This is a big year for the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District (BID)! Last spring, our Board of Directors approved a budget increase, which was later authorized by the New York City Council and was just signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg. Thanks to the city's strong support, these additional assessment funds will allow us to continue to make Lincoln Square cleaner, safer and more beautiful, to undertake various community improvement projects, and to promote and market the area's diverse business and cultural offerings.

Keeping Lincoln Square's sidewalks and public spaces sparkling and safe is our top priority, 365 days per year, with almost 60 percent of our budget dedicated to doing so. With this increase we will continue to better the wages of our Clean Team, our Public Safety officers and our Green Keepers crew from Goddard Riverside. We will also replace tables, chairs, and planters as they wear out, and phase in the replacement of 125, 12-year-old trash cans. In addition, we will explore a limited number of solar powered compacting receptacles at a few heavily trafficked locations to reduce unsightly trash bags on corners. Finally, we will expand our successful program with Midtown Community Court to five days per week, which will enable us to target problem areas.

Now that Richard Tucker Park has reopened and is ADA compliant, one of our goals is to expand our summer activities. The reconstructed, smooth surface will be a great venue for yoga and dancing. So stay tuned for our summer concert series! Fashion Week is coming back in February and so will Fashion Plate Prix Fixe and Crew Cuts. And, although Winter's Eve just took place, we are starting to prep for the 15th Annual celebration ? so save Monday, December 1, 2014 for New York's largest holiday festival. Keep up to date on all of our activities and neighborhood events by visiting www.lincolnsquarebid.org.

Wishing everyone a healthy New Year!