Subway Spree-Slasher Taken Into Custody After Attacking Three Random Women

Kermal Rideout, 28, had stabbed three women in the legs on random subway lines over a mere twenty-minute span. The women are all expected to eventually recover despite severe injuries and hospitalization. At a press conference, police described the stabbings as “unprovoked” and lacking obvious connections between the victims and victimizer.

| 28 Jun 2023 | 12:45

On Sunday, June 18th, a man in a stylized white t-shirt and Red Sox cap--possessing what one victim could only describe as a thousand-yard stare--stabbed three random women in the legs on the subway system. His crime spree lasted a mere twenty minutes, leaving behind what police describe as an “unprovoked” wake of carnage and hospitalization.

Kermal Rideout, 28, was taken into custody on June 20th and charged with three counts of assault in the first degree for the attacks. Surveillance footage that had captured him unmasked and walking through a fare gate led to his arrest.

The first victim, a 19 year-old named Bianchelli Diplan, was walking up the stairs to the exit after departing the 4 train at the 86th/Lexington Ave. station when she felt a sharp sensation in her right leg. It was roughly 4:15 p.m. Diplan told ABC News: “I felt something in the back of my leg. So like, I like, hold on to it. And I saw there was blood. So I turned around I saw him and, like, he just stared at me and I was crying, crying. And he just walked away.”

Diplan said she was on her way to buy a Father’s Day cake when the attack happened.

“I noticed him staring at me,” Diplan told the NYPost. “He was staring at me [from 125th Street] until 86th Street, so a good four or five minutes.”

“I just felt a little weird, a little tense. He seemed a little off. Just the way he walked, his body language was off. You know when you have that gut feeling? He seemed off,” she continued.

Rideout then allegedly headed towards the southbound platform of the same Upper East Side station, where he stabbed another 48 year-old woman, also in her right leg.

After these assaults, Rideout boarded a southbound 4 Train, where he waited 20 minutes before targeting his next random victim. As the train approached the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station, Rideout stabbed a 28 year-old woman in the left leg, severely injuring her.

All three women required hospitalization for their wounds.

Rideout then disembarked the train, and was spotted exiting the Chambers St. station–his last placed location before his June 20th arrest.