| 16 Feb 2015 | 11:01

    Moving a Lexington Ave. bus stop

    Community Board 8 passed a resolution in support of moving a bus stop so it will be closer to the F Train subway entrance on 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue. The M101, M102 and M103 downtown Lexington Avenue line currently stops between 64th and 65th Street. The resolution asks the MTA to move the stop one block south between 63rd and 64th Street.

    John Steinberg has been advocating for the move since 2008 because, he said, the transition from bus to subway and back - about a block and a half - is difficult for those who are commuting with luggage or packages. Steinberg's commute involved regularly making the transfer and led to him addressing the issue with CB8.

    CB8's transportation committee was resistant to the idea but took up the cause after a recent site visit. Steinberg also withdrew part of his initial request, to make the M101 a limited stop, which contributed to the committee's cooperation.

    CB8's transportation committee said the MTA was open to the possibility of relocating the bus stop but the city's Dept. of Transportation would have to approve and implement the move.

    "We've done our part now, we will officially make the request," said Scott Falk, co-chair of CB8's transportation committee after the resolution passed. "After that it's in NYC Transit and DOT's hands."

    Transportation committee member Jon Horn voted against the resolution and called the one-block relocation unnecessary. Horn is also concerned that the DOT had not conducted a study to determine if the move will have an affect on street traffic.