The Guggenheim needs YOU

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:00

The Guggenheim Archives recently unearthed a piece of 8mm footage from their collection that was shot in the early 1970s and depicts industrial street scenes in the Meatpacking District and Hudson River waterfront.

The grainy clip on the museum's blog, at, shows people walking in the street, a series of what look like trash barrels, and intriguingly, a newspaper blowing in the wind with the word "Cambodia" in the headline.

On their blog, the museum wrote: "Although we don't know who made these films, the filmmaker's point of view is clear, as shots of garbage and litter are interspersed with signs reading 'Keep Our City Clean,' 'Rubbish,' and 'Clean up after your dog please.' We're not sure how the films entered the collection - any ideas?"

The museum would like to know who shot the footage and when it was taken. If you have any ideas after watching the clip, contact them at or leave a comment on the post.