The Less-Than-Super Bowl

| 17 Feb 2015 | 12:58

The host city isn't feeling so grand about the big game in February

Could New Yorkers be any more ambivalent about the Super Bowl?

For most American cities, hosting the nation's biggest sporting event is as good as it gets, in terms of tourist business and overall bragging rights.

Here, we're shrugging. A number of factors are feeding into the ambivalence. First is the simple fact that the game is being played in New Jersey, which for most New Yorkers is enough said. But then there also is the fact that, this year in particular, the city's isn't as football-obsessed as normal, given the meltdowns this year of its two hometown teams. Finally, there is the simple fact that New York City dwellers love to complain -- about traffic jams, street closures (did you hear they're shutting down Times Square!?), slow-walking tourists.

Ultimately, the game will happen, it may or may not snow, and the city will look terrific on TV. That will be on Sunday, Feb. 2. On Monday, Feb. 3, the streets will be swept clear, the barriers will have magically disappeared, and New Yorkers will have moved on.