The Private School X-Factor

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:14

For many Manhattan parents, getting their children into a top-tier private school is an endeavor that starts before the kids are even born. Wading through the rankings, reputations and educational standings to decide where to apply is just one step in the long process, and entire companies exist just to rate these schools and assist families in getting admitted to their top choices.

We won't step on their (very profitable) toes here - our list is designed to give a snippet of information on the private schools in your neighborhood. Our aim is to showcase the one or two things that set each of these schools apart from the pack. They're all academically rigorous and educationally prestigious, and most are similar in cost. But where might you look to send your bright young aspiring chef who's just as interested in food science as history, or the promising athlete who might have a shot at the 2026 Olympics as well as the Ivy League? One of the benefits of private school is that the small size allows the schools to offer specialties, something that sets them apart from their peers, and which will hopefully allow their students to do the same.

Our list was compiled by researching information provided by the schools as well as recent news coverage. We included, where available, stats on student population and tuition, too. We chose the most well-known private institutions on the Upper East Side.

Whether you're right in the middle of the private school application mire or thinking about where to send your still-hypothetical future offspring, we hope our list will give you a fresh perspective and allow you to learn a few fun facts about the schools that make up a significant part of your neighborhood's educational landscape. ------ The Allen-Stevenson School

132 East 78th Street



Enrollment: 419 students

Tuition: $39,770

Allen-Stevenson is known for their work on energy and the environment, receiving an Energy Star rating from the U.S. Department of Energy and being the first elementary school in the United States to receive LEED Gold Certification for Existing Buildings

The Beekman School and Tutoring Center

220 East 50th Street



Enrollment: 70 ? 85 students

Tuition: $36,000

Beekman takes a highly personalized approach to education and specializes in one-on-one teaching and tutoring.

The Birch-Wathen Lenox School

210 East 77th Street



Enrollment: 575 students

Tuition: $41,412 - $42,534

Birch-Wathen Lenox is known for their ongoing Science Initiative that was introduced to the school in 2011 and has resulted in a growing program, which includes an Accelerated Research in Science Education (ARISE) program for Upper School students performing inquiry-based university level research.

The Brearley School

610 East 83rd Street



Enrollment: 698 students

6:1 student to faculty ratio

Tuition: $39,900

Brearley is known as one of the best K-12 all girls prep schools in the nation and is ranked number two in sending the most students to Harvard, Yale and Princeton Universities.

The Browning School

52 East 62nd Street



Enrollment: 396 students

7:1 student to teacher ratio

Tuition: $41,200

Browning is known for its highly selective admissions process with only a 30 percent acceptance rate. Browning does not admit students for 11th and 12th grades and very rarely for 10th grade.

The Buckley School

113 East 73rd Street



Enrollment: 374 students

Buckley is known for their varsity wrestling team which participates in the King of the Ring Tournament and has won 26 consecutive years in a row.

The Caedmon School

416 East 80th Street



Enrollment: 280 students

8:1 student to faculty ratio

Tuition: $22,000 - $33,500

Caedmon is known for utilizing a modified version of the Montessori education which highly focuses on self-directed, independent learning. It was the first Montessori school established in the city and the second in the nation.

The Cathedral School

319 East 74th Street #8



Enrollment: 163 students

10:1 student to teacher ratio

Tuition: $14,500 - $16,500

As the only Greek Orthodox school in Manhattan, The Cathedral School strives to combine a Western education with an appreciation for Greek language, culture and history with a motto of "Education through Classics"

The Chapin School

100 East End Avenue



Enrollment: 755 students

7:1 student to faculty ratio

Tuition: $39,300

The Chapin School is known, in addition to its rigorous academics, for its strong athletics teams. Last year, their varsity soccer and JV volleyball teams were tournament champions and their varsity basketball, varsity gymnastics and varsity badminton teams were both season winners and tournament champions. Students also recently participated in the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper's Oyster Restoration Program to determine whether oysters can survive in the waterways of New York.

Convent of the Sacred Heart

1 East 91st Street



Tuition: $28,500 - $42,810

In addition to being the city of New York's oldest private school for girls, Convent of the Sacred Heart is known for their extensive study abroad program. About 40 percent of sophomores study at a worldwide network of Sacred Heart schools from Washington D.C. to France to Taiwan.

The Dalton School

108 East 89th Street



Enrollment: 1300 students

Tuition: $40,220

The school is most well-known for its educational plan, "The Dalton Plan," founded by Helen Parkhurst, which has been the model for over 200 schools around the world and aims to balance a child's talent with the needs of a community.

The Hewitt School

45 East 75th Street



Enrollment: 520 students

An all-girls school, Hewitt is known for its recent 2012 Strategic Plan to culminate the best practices of a 21st Century educations. A student recently won the top prize from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for a photography portfolio featuring photos of her grandmother.

Loyola School

980 Park Avenue



Tuition: $33,100

As a Jesuit Catholic school, Loyola is known for its community service known as the Christian Service program which requires its students to take a reflective class for all four years in addition to an active service requirement.

Lycée Français de New York

505 East 75th Street



Enrollment: 1,350 students

Tuition: $29,100

As one of two N-12 French international schools in New York, Lycée Français is among the most renowned bilingual French schools in North America.

Manhattan Country School

7 East 96th Street



Enrollment: 200 students

Tuition:$37,000 - $39,900, with sliding scale available

The Manhattan School is known for, in addition to their city campus, having a farm in the Catskill Mountains that students visit, learning about the environment and energy conservation. The farm also plays a role in 8th grade graduation requirements where each student must: milk a cow and manage barn chores, bake with yeast, prepare a meal for the whole class, produce an original textile and participate in a mock town meeting on a current environmental issue.

Marymount School of New York

1026-1028 Fifth Avenue



Enrollment: 704 students

6:1 student to faculty ratio

Tuition: $24,425 - $41,865

Marymount is the only school in New York that is a member of the GAINS Network that seeks to develop a strong, sustainable network of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students, encouraging young women to pursue careers that are severely underrepresented by women. A student was recently recognized by the National Council of Women in Technology's Aspirations with a Computing Award.

The Montessori Family School

323 East 47th Street



Enrollment: 200 students

The Montessori Family School focuses on the Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, with an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical, and social development.

The Nightingale-Bamford School

20 East 92nd Street



Enrollment: 580 students

7:1 student to faculty ratio

Tuition: $39,985

Nightinglae-Bamford is known for its commitment to community service with a civic engagement and social leadership seminar required for Class IX with students from Classes X-XII required to make a sustained service commitment with at least two being outside of the school. Their Upper and Middle school teams recently qualified for the Technovation Challenge World Pitch, the world's largest app development competition for girls.

The Rudolf Steiner School

15 East 78th Street



Tuition: $26,300 - $41,200

The Rudolf Steiner School has the recognition of being the first Waldorf School established in North America. Waldorf schools follow an approach to pedagogy based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and distinguish three broad stages in child development.

Saint David's School

12 East 89th Street



Enrollment: 420 students

Tuition: $27,345 - $41,000

Saint David's is known for their intensive arts program. From choosing one instrument throughout fifth grade to pottery from grades 1-8 to annual plays per grade, Saint David's strongly encourages its students to dapple in subjects often ignored by other schools.

The Spence School

22 East 91 st Street



Enrollment: 736 students

7:1 student to faculty ratio in Middle and Upper Schools

Tuition: $43,000

The Spence School is known for placing a huge emphasis on diversity with an assortment of clubs that focus on minority groups for both students and parents.

St. Bernard's School

4 East 98th Street



Tuition: $40,680

St. Bernard's is known for the emphasis they place on public speaking. In daily assemblies of the Junior, Middle, and Upper schools, the students speak in front of the school by reciting poems and delivering reports on games and events. The eighth grade has its own debating society and annually performs a Shakespeare play (a tradition since 1910).

The Town School

540 East 76th Street



Enrollment: 400 students

6:1 student to faculty ratio

Tuition: $28,000 - $40,600

The Town School is known for hosting Breakthrough New York, a program committed to helping lower income students prepare for admittance into preparatory high schools.

The Trevor Day School

11 East 89th Street New York, NY 10128


N-5 (6-12 is on West Side)

Tuition: $34,650 - $41,600

Trevor Day is known for its experiential learning education where students are encouraged to construct their own meanings as opposed to simple regurgitation. In the classroom, the students are in charge for the learning of the class with the teacher acting more like a facilitator to keep class structured.

United Nations International School

24-50 FDR Drive



Enrollment: 1300 students

Tuition: $30,515 - $33,975

The school promotes diversity of persons and cultures in consideration of the United Nations Charter. It was established in 1947 by a group of parents affiliated with the UN to provide an international education for their children while promoting and respecting diverse cultural heritages.