Tiny Jewels in Blossom

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:01

The small store specializes in delicate accessories

There was a time I couldn't find jewelry fine enough. By "fine," I don't mean expensive or karat gold ? I mean dainty, teeny, delicate. I would have flat-out swooned at the sight of the cubic zirconia stud earrings at Blossom (2206 Broadway near West 78th).

Picture the tiniest faceted faux diamonds you can imagine. OK, now imagine them smaller; smaller still. You're beginning to approach the wee dimension of these sterling silver-mounted studs, manufacturer special-ordered by Blossom, and yours for $9.99.

If you prefer the smallest sterling-silver ball studs extant, find them here, too, for the same price.

"Those are also special order," says Michelle Lim, who's part of this indie two-year-old family business, noting the micro studs are often worn as accents for, say, hoops in the multi-pierced. Or, 'course, you can just wear them solo, for the most discreet accent possible.

Blossom specializes in elegant, feminine, on-trend costume ? plus sterling silver and gold-plated ? baubles; particularly pieces that are if not wholly unique, certainly unusual. How does this store avoid the cookie-cutter look of so many accessory emporiums? Many pieces are sourced from Korean vendors who do not mass-supply the usual suspects. And then there are the dolls ? yes, dolls; we'll get to them ? that are totally one-of-a-kind and sourced from Michelle's mom, who hand-knits them in her native land.

But sticking with the jewelry now, Michelle notes that "my customers want everyday pieces, not bling-bling; they want more classy, more basic." Which is not to say that Blossom doesn't do big "bling-bling" pieces with a bang. Among the glittering chandelier earrings, find these magnificent hoops: Measuring about two inches in diameter, they are completely studded with milky moonstone-rhinestones, and dangle five carved rose charms in coral or mint; your choice, $29.99.

Find also exotic body jewelry, including stone-set and basic head chains, arm chains, hand chains and ? too cute ? double toe-rings. The last literally consists of two (hence "double") toe rings conjoined by a dangling chain. Each ring has its own embellishment ? golden-metal ball on one; a rhinestone star on the other; $12.99.

There are also such accessories as scarves and hair ornaments, but let's get to those dolls, shall we. Each is meticulously crocheted by Myunghee An, Michelle's mom, and no two are exactly alike, though each one is charming and whimsical. Michelle says in this pet-loving city, the dog and other animal dolls are especially popular, and shows me a gray-and-white schnauzer measuring about 10-inches tall from the top of his big perky ears down to his toes, when he's standing (all legs are malleable!). He sports a blue grosgrain collar and goes for a modest $15.99 ? as does a mint-and-white mixed breed with red bows at her ears. (While doggy characteristics are realistic, colors are fanciful and fun.)

There are also wonderful monkeys and bears, but check out the elephants, whose lengthy stylized trunks can be arranged in a variety of positions. Elephants are not only majestic beasts, they are also symbols of good luck ? I only wish they had better luck themselves against the monsters who poach them. A set of three 'phants ? lavender, mint and light blue ? is $49.99; two are $35.99.

Look for Santa dolls and other holiday-related novelties when we slip-slide into that season.