Vulnerability In Life

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:03

The Reverend Dr. Michael Brown of the Marble Collegiate Church asks himself one question every day, "Am I willing to live life by the principles of love?" He works to achieve this principle through his work as a reverend, parent, and teacher.

He knew he wanted to become a reverend since the time he was 12 after being inspired by his childhood minister, Cecil Hefner. He continued a close relationship with Hefner until his death, continuing to reach out to him for advice. Dr. Brown hopes to give the same kind of guidance and inspiration to his own congregation.

A native from Winston-Salem, North Carolina Dr. Brown brings a certain southern charm to his sermons, and encourages his students and congregation that vulnerability is an important part of life. Education has been a theme throughout his entire career as a spiritual leader.

A graduate from High Point University, Duke University Divinity School, and received his Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching from Drew Theological Seminary. He is the author of six books, and he has taught at the University of North Carolina ? Asheville, High Point University.

"It is always exciting to work with people who are getting started on the journey that I've been on for so many years," he said. "Education gives me the platform to come into that mentor role. Hopefully I can influence my students and offer them the same kind of guidance that I have received over the years."

Dr. Brown has enjoyed his move to New York City, and continues to find new ways to feel at home here with his wife Page. A lover of soul and jazz music, the reverend finds inspiration at various east side jazz clubs. They escape the city noise by frequenting Arthur's Tavern, Groove New York, and the Garage.

"Loving yourself, and genuine self care is what facilitates our ability to help those in need," he said. "There are so many causes that deserve attention, and Dr. Brown encourages his congregation to find one they can connect with. "It doesn't matter who you choose to help, but it's important that we try to give back to our communities," he said. "We have to try and be a part of something bigger than ourselves."

Under his leadership, Marble Collegiate Church has partnered with over 50 helping agencies, local, national, and global. Dr. Brown likes to focus his efforts on helping children, and most notably his fight against childhood sexual abuse and finding ways to help the 123,000 homeless teens in New York.

Reverend Dr. Michael Brown has an incredibly positive and loving energy, one that he has been sharing with New York since joining the Marble Collegiate Church. "My father always said I could make a living working or talking, and I chose talking," he said. The east side community is thankful he chose talking because of his efforts to help those in need across the city.