Why Adoption?

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:01


Adopting a cat or dog from a shelter offers benefits, not only for the four-legged

It is nearly impossible these days to go out for a drive and avoid seeing the stickers and magnets on cars that say "adopt a pet", or "I love my shelter dog or cat." Although it may seem obvious why getting a pet from a shelter, as opposed to a breeder or pet store, is a great thing to do for homeless dogs and cats (shelters are overpopulated, reduces shelter euthanasia rates, etc.), there are many reasons why adoption is a desirable option from the perspective of the adopter as well.

First, when you adopt from a reputable adoption center, there is typically knowledgeable staff working there who know and understand these animals very well. A good matchmaking policy will help a potential adopters sift through the many available animals for adoption and point them in the right direction. One of reasons why some people may avoid going to shelters is because it can be overwhelming. When you walk through a kennel or a cattery, there are so many animals looking at you; it can be difficult to concentrate and imagine what they would be like in a normal home environment. Many people come out of the situation confused. Talking it over with knowledgeable shelter staff can be helpful and insightful.

Shelters have a wide variety of animals available for adoption. If you go to a pet store or breeder, you will certainly find plenty of puppies that need homes. The question is, do you really want or need a puppy? It is not uncommon for well-intentioned individuals to arrive at an adoption center looking for a puppy or kitten, and quickly realize that they are better off with an adult dog or cat. This is another benefit of getting a dog or cat from a shelter: Options! In the end, the success rate of a good match is high.

A good shelter can also provide you with a life-long relationship and resource. More often than not, the adoption is the starting point of your relationship with the organization where you found your furry friend, but by no means the end. From that point, you can usually take advantage of free training sessions, phone consultations, and help, should you need it. An adoption center knows these animals very well. They have taken the time to understand their needs, and have a vested interest in your new pet's well-being.

Regardless of how you obtain your new pet, there is no question to the benefits of animal companionship. Countless studies have shown that having an animal in your life can help reduce anxiety and lengthen the life expectancy of the owner. If you are interested in adding a four-legged companion to your family, consider adopting a pet from a reputable shelter and be proud of the fact that you did a great thing for an animal in a thoughtful way.

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