High-End Haul

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:00

    At 10 AM on Friday, August 16, a 42-year-old man was the last to leave his home on West 81st Street before his family went away for the weekend. As they returned home at 11 AM on August 19, the family's driver was the first to enter the home, when he noticed a problem with the front door lock. The driver also saw that the family's mounted HDTV was gone. When the owner returned, he found additional items missing from different locations in the home. Items stolen included two Hermes Birkin handbags valued at $50,000 each, a Hermes Kelly handbag worth $40,000, a Rolex deep-sea special edition watch made of gunmetal costing $38,000, a Hermes Birkin handbag priced at $20,000, a Hermes Kelly handbag worth $20,000, a Zenith watch valued at $20,000, a Hermes Birkin handbag costing $15,000, a Hermes briefcase handbag priced at $10,000, cause buttons valued at $20,000 and $18,000, a Gucci handbag worth $7,000, a Louis Vuitton travel bag priced at $6,000, a Louis Vuitton travel bag valued at $5,000, two Apple laptops worth $4,000 apiece, a Gucci 70's antique travel bag costing $3,000, a Christian Dior handbag valued at $2,000, a Louis Vuitton travel wallet priced at $1,500, and a Louis Vuitton passport wallet worth $1,200. The total haul amounted to $334,700.