Letter: View From The Bicycle

| 17 Feb 2015 | 01:07

I'm a bicyclist who sympathizes with pedestrians angry about bike lanes. Too many riders enter crowded crosswalks against the light, ride against traffic, and endanger pedestrians and motorists through carelessness.

But the bike lanes aren't the problem. The carelessness is, and it's not exclusive to bicyclists. Every day I see pedestrians walk not only into bike lanes but into oncoming traffic without looking. Often they're texting, but not always.

I also see motorists turn without signaling, speed around corners, and make risky maneuvers just to gain a few seconds. Many more people are hurt by cars than by bikes. (And that's without factoring in the air pollution!)

Please remember that bicycling, like walking, is a healthy, efficient, cost-saving way to get around town. Bike lanes can improve everyone's safety if we treat them and one another with respect.


Christian Toth, Columbus Avenue